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Young Lads Defy Teachers By Wearing Skirts To School During Heatwave

Young Lads Defy Teachers By Wearing Skirts To School During Heatwave

Shit, this is one thing I really don't pine for in my post-school days: wearing a full uniform in searing heat.

In fact, it's not fun for anyone. Especially if there's a drama queen saying 'ere, Miss. Am gonna faint, I swear down!' every minute.

We've all felt the wrath of a teacher's insistence when it comes to keeping up appearances, so we can relate - to some degree - to the plight of four lads who were excluded for wearing shorts on the hottest day of the year.

The Year Nine pupils, defying the norm to suit the 33-degree weather on Tuesday, switched into their PE shorts only to be sent into isolation and told to leave school and change.


This was because of a policy change at Longhill High School in Brighton.

Like true lads, Michael Parker, Kodi Ailing, George Boyland and Jesse Stringer returned not dressed like full-trouser conformists, but in skirts.

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Michael Parker LAD. Credit: SWNS


Young LADs Defy 'Shorts Ban' By Wearing Skirts To School

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Michael's mum, Angela Parker, expressed her solidarity: "On Tuesday, the hottest day of the year so far, several of the boys went in to school in regulation PS shorts with a school logo on.

"They were all told to go home and put trousers on and were told they are not allowed to wear shorts, even though girls are allowed to wear short skirts with bear legs and stay cool.

"It's discriminatory against boys, why should they be punished? The school doesn't let them have a drink of water during class and the rooms aren't air conditioned. It's quite hypocritical as well as all the male teachers were wearing shorts and t-shirts."

Well played, lads. But I reckon the frozen litre of water still remains the standard when it comes to dealing with heatwave schooldays.


Words by Josh Teal

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