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Guy Tries Weed For The First Time Ever With Snoop Dogg

Guy Tries Weed For The First Time Ever With Snoop Dogg

His reaction is priceless...

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Snoop Dogg is such a prolific weed smoker that it's actually more shocking to see him without a blunt in his hand.

Such is the severity of his smoking habit that some people cannot turn down the offer to puff with him, even if they don't smoke themselves.

Cameron "Camchida" Else, who you may have heard of from Bellator or Cage Warriors Fighting Championship, is one of those who couldn't say no.

Meeting the legendary rapper backstage at an MMA event, Snoop invited him and his buddies backstage to light it up with him.

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"My teammate Joby Sanchez was given a fight on Dana White's contender series for the UFC. I have been helping Joby since joining the team and he ask me to corner him in this fight, as if he wins convincingly he wins a UFC contract," Camchida told LADbible. "So also on the Dana White's show is Snoop Dogg and Uriah Faber doing a separate fun commentary of the fights which fans can choose to listen to.

"After the fight, with Joby winning and getting his contract with UFC we were invited into Snoop's hut to meet him.

"So of course we did we went in and chill with him and another lad who also won a contract.

"Everyone knows snoop loves the smoke weed...

"So when he offered me it was one of the moments when it was like 'fuck it, it's Snoop Dogg'. If you're going to ever get high then who better to do it with than this legend?"

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But as it turns out, there is a bit more to Snoop than weed. Being the legend that he is, he invited the chaps along to his gig later that evening, and to a party to celebrate.

Camchida says that he never thought he'd ever smoke weed but he's okay with the exception on this occasion.

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He told LADbible: "We hung out with him for a bit and then he invited us to his gig that night. He told us to come along and party with him to celebrate, so we did and what a great time we all had.

"I never would of thought I would smoke weed let alone with Snoop. He's is cool as fuck and a stand up man."

Not many people can say they've done this...

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