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Man Claims He Saw Dead Children At 10 And Has Met The Black-Eyed Child

Man Claims He Saw Dead Children At 10 And Has Met The Black-Eyed Child

He found proof of the British Bigfoot in November after becoming obsessed with the supernatural at the age of 10.



A man has opened up about how he would see 'dead children' when he was a child and has claimed he has met the infamous Black-Eyed child.

Like many kids in the 1980s, Lee Brickley used to watch Ghostbusters, but he always saw sci-fi films a little differently from other children.

"Some kids will get scared and hide behind the sofa; others will keep their bedroom light on all night for weeks," Lee said in a column for The Mirror.

"Me? I saw a career path."


Lee's obsession with the supernatural started when he was 10 years old, following a series of spooky experiences in his Cannock Chase home.

He dubs the Staffordshire coal-mining town sitting atop a large coalfield the UK's 'Most Haunted Town'.

He explained: "According to many locals, the woodland is home to spirits, werewolves, Black-Eyed Children, a pigman, and allegedly, even Bigfoot."

In the quiet evening hours, sitting in the living room, Lee described how he would see slow-moving shadows on the wall behind his sofa.

He claimed his father would also see abnormal things but tried to distract the young boy from them.

However, he was unable to protect young Lee when he walked into the kitchen one night to find a cup swinging violently without reason from side to side.


Lee, now 33, later discovered his great uncle had died in the same house and his father now believes the paranormal activity they've both witnessed is the doing of their deceased relative.

And even as an adult, he has continued to witness mysterious and unexplainable phenomenons.

In April 2018, he claims to have seen the infamous Black-Eyed Child in an area near Cannock Chase called Birches Valley.

He said: "She appeared about a hundred metres in front of me, stared right at me for about thirty seconds, then vanished without a trace.

And as for his latest claim? Well, according to the Daily Star, Lee insists he's seen proof of the presence of the British Bigfoot after he found 41cm-long claw marks and a mutilated deer in the forest.

He said: "An old ghost-hunter once told me that reality is barely understood, and possibility is limitless."


Since these unique experiences, Lee has published four books on the subject of paranormal activity and he's said his latest, Ghosts of Cannock Chase, is selling well.

His investigations as a ghost hunter have introduced him to many people who claim to have seen something scary in the forest.

But the published author didn't always have support when it came to his career ambitions.

Apparently, one of Lee's school careers advisors once laughed when he told her about his dreams of becoming a ghostbuster.

"She said it wasn't a real job and I could earn more money working in a factory," he said, "People tend to give me a very funny look if I'm asked to explain what I do for a living at dinner parties."

Well, it seems as if Lee has certainly proven his teacher wrong!

Words: Charlie Metcalfe

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@lee_brickley