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KFC Are Bringing The Gravy Burger To Ireland


KFC Are Bringing The Gravy Burger To Ireland

KFC is the best. I don't really take any criticism on this: sure, the burgers are better at Burger King, because that's what they do, and the fries are better at McDonalds, because that's what they do, but for the whole package, it's the Colonel every time.

Like, Burger King burgers are fine but you can certainly get better burgers out there. KFC chicken stacks up with the absolute best. Now, it goes even better: they're bringing the Gravy Burger to Ireland.

If you've been eagle-eyed in watching football from the UK in the last few weeks, you'll have noticed them pushing the Gravy Burger in the ad breaks, but little did we know that it would make it to our shores. Well, worry not, because it is coming, and soon at that.


"We see you. Yeah you. The one who queues eagerly to get a taste of KFC's gravy. The one ordering that extra pot to liberally dunk, dip or drizzle;" say KFC. "The gravy addict who stocks up the fridge way ahead of Christmas Day. Every year you go to great lengths to get your KFC gravy fix, so this Christmas we've got a tree-mendous (sorry!) treat for you."

"An unsurpassed triumph of hash brown virtuosity, it features a special well that's expertly designed to hold gravy. And plenty of it," say the American fried chicken behemoth. "With structurally certified walls to hold even the most generous helping, we've also gone ahead and developed an all-new mini gravy pouring pot, so you can really let it flow."

In case you missed that, let's run it through. It's like the KFC Tower Burger, with Original Recipe (the only acceptable choice, death to Hot Wings, get your spicy stuff somewhere else) between two bits of bread. Then there's the cheese, topped with gravynnaise (exactly what it sounds like) and a boat-shaped hash brown specifically designed to hold all the gravy in the world.


Take it from me, this is going to be amazing: I lived in Germany for years, where gravy is a standard of the menu, and it's the absolute best. Get it while you can, as the menu will end on January 3rd.

Topics: Ireland, KFC

Mike Wood
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