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Prepare your tongues because KFC is releasing its hottest burger in history in Australia

Prepare your tongues because KFC is releasing its hottest burger in history in Australia

Listen up all spice lovers, may I present to you, the new Fiery Zinger Burger.

If you’re not intimidated by a little spice, we have the perfect food item for you.

KFC is releasing its hottest burger ever - the new Fiery Zinger Burger - just to humble those taste buds of yours.

While this item was released back in 2016, it’s back by popular demand.

But this time, the burger features KFC's delicious Zinger fillet, crisp lettuce and a mouth-watering sauce that features no less than 11 chillies – including jalapeño, habanero and Carolina Reaper.


Mama Mia, that's one spicy meatball!

This burger is definitely not for the faint of heart.

The Colonel is also dropping the brand-new Fiery Double, with the extra-special treat hidden on the fast food chain’s secret menu for those craving a little more heat.

This tasty menu item includes two golden Zinger fillets that act as a bun, sandwiching bacon and cheese, plus KFC’s Supercharged and brand new 11 Chilli sauce.


But get in quick as these items will only be available for a limited time, from Tuesday, 8 August to Monday, 4 September.

Tami Cunningham, chief marketing officer at KFC Australia, said of its release: “We know so many Aussies like their meals to pack a punch, so the Fiery Zinger Burger is perfect for fans looking to satisfy their heat cravings or test their limits.

“Delivering a fresh take on iconic KFC flavours, the hottest burger from the Zinger range is sure to delight Aussies with a unique KFC eating experience that truly brings the heat. Get in quick as you never know when it’ll be back again.”

But if you want to order it ahead of time, the Colonel has you covered.

Head to the KFC app today (August 7) before the Fiery Zinger Burger’s release tomorrow to get your hands on this flavoursome baby.

The Fiery Double will also be available today (August 7) if you’re dying to get your hands on it.

If you do get one, do not scratch your eye immediately after, I’ve lived to tell the tale.

So, have a glass of milk on standby, as these burgers are bound to set your mouth on fire.

If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! But if you can, bon appetit, friends.

Featured Image Credit: KFC

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