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People run to buy Aldi’s £3.30 ‘surprise bag’ after bloke gets enough cheese ‘to feed a whole city’

People run to buy Aldi’s £3.30 ‘surprise bag’ after bloke gets enough cheese ‘to feed a whole city’

The To Good To Go app offers bags of food for knockdown prices - and the outcome can be rather unique, as this lad's purchase shows

Everyone loves a bargain. It almost doesn't matter what you're buying, if there's a saving to be had, you're coming away feeling like you've beaten the system.

But sometimes, the saving can leave you saying thank you with a little bit of uncertainty in your voice.

That certainly was the case for one bloke who took advantage of cheap food app Too Good To Go.

The app, available on iPhone and Android, focuses on reducing food waste with cafes, restaurants and shops selling surplus, unsold food in bulk for a few quid a go.

You can get some absolute bargains, with the likes of Starbucks, Asda, Morrisons and Costa all signed up to the scheme.

For X user Blair (@Blxir), he spent Wednesday evening (10 January) heading down to his local Aldi to pick up one 'grocery surprise bag' for just £3.30.

That is a lot of cheese.
Jam Press

His haul started off exotic, with a Korean Style Barbecue Beef rice bowl, valued at £2.69 on its own.

But the rest of the buy was, let's say, a little different, with Blair left with three dozen blocks of Christmas cheese.

And not in a bag, but a literal supermarket delivery tray due to the excessive amount of the dairy product.

Speaking in a video posted to the social media platform, Blair said: "So here is the Too Good to Go haul.

"We've got a nice Korean Style Barbecue Beef. What else did we go? Oh, we got 36 blocks of cheese!"

Blair and his mates could hardly contain their laughter at the haul, with his friends quietly sniggering away in the background.

This doesn't look half bad either.
Jam Press

Posting the video, Blair said: "Got a £3.30 too good to go bag from Aldi. I could not have expected this."

One X user replied saying: "Think how incredibly cheesy you could make a mac and cheese," to which Blair said he could 'feed a whole city'.

The haul got others on the Too Good To Go trend, with another user telling Blair: "I’ve downloaded the app and bought two of these for tomorrow, you better be getting some commission with that cheese."

Featured Image Credit: Yui Mok / PA / Jam Press

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