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Brit gambles on £3 TooGoodToGo 'magic bag' and hits the jackpot

Brit gambles on £3 TooGoodToGo 'magic bag' and hits the jackpot

The boxes contain a selection of leftover food, but there's a catch

A Brit spent their last £3 on a box from TooGoodToGo and managed to hit the jackpot.

For those not in the know, the app charges users for a bag of produce from a local shop or food outlet which would otherwise have been thrown out. It's received praise for being a good way to cut down on food waste and help people to save money food shopping amid the cost of living crisis.

However, there is a catch.

You don't know what you're going to get in your bag until you open it. Granted you could probably take a guess based on the outlet you got it from but with a supermarket it could be anything from a tin of beans to hot cross buns.

However, one person seemed to do rather well on his haul from the popular app. Taking to Reddit, he explained that he had spent his last £3 on a bag of food.

The app sees users paying for mystery bags.
mundissima / Alamy Stock Photo

When he opened it he was delighted with the variety and quantity of food that he'd managed to get, and a picture posted to Reddit shows how he had 'hit the jackpot'.

In the image, you can see the full contents laid out, including steak pasties, sausage rolls, two pasta ready meals, a bag of potatoes, milk, and some readymade mashed potato. There are even some fresh green beans and raspberries thrown in.

TooGoodToGo was launched in an attempt to reduce the amount of food waste at food retail outlets, collecting food that is about to go out of date and would otherwise be thrown away.

Users can then purchase the bags at home, finding out what they've got when they open it as a surprise.

Well, this one user was delighted with his haul from the app, writing: "Gambled my last £3 on a 'magic bag' from TooGoodToGo - hit the jackpot!"

The anonymous man was delighted when he 'hit the jackpot' with TooGoodToGo.

In a reply to the post, the original user added: "Absolutely on my arse right now, last £3 in my bank account, decided to risk it, glad I did.

"Best haul yet, this was from Mini Morrisons, I've found Budgens is usually pretty decent too.

"It's a bit 'Ready Steady Cook' but that adds to the fun - if you don't care what you eat I'd give it a bash."

Users on Reddit took to the platform to congratulate him on his haul, with one joking: "That's a good haul for £3 especially with a kettle and air fryer thrown in".

And another wrote: "So lucky! Mine usually consists of lettuce and mouldy blueberries".

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/poetrynpottery / Alamy Stock Photo

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