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American surprised after trying UK McDonald’s items for the first time

American surprised after trying UK McDonald’s items for the first time

He has compared his order to the fast food he gets back home

An American TikToker was left surprised after trying UK McDonald's for the first time.

If you're like me and like to try McDonald's in every foreign country you visit, you can fully understand the anticipation and excitement of this man before his first ever trip to a McDonald's in the UK.

Kalani Hunter, known as @kalanighosthunter on TikTok, is visiting the UK for the first time and is taking suggestions from viewers on which restaurants to visit.

Hunter, originally from Hawaii in the US, has recently garnered millions of views for his food reviews during his journey around the UK.

So far, Hunter has tried UK Taco Bell, Five Guys, Wagamama and has even ventured to a Toby Carvery for a roast among other places.

If he doesn't go to a Wetherspoons before leaving, it would be criminal.

But in one of his most highly anticipated food ventures yet, Hunter has made his way to a Maccies in Liverpool to sample some of the fast food on offer.

He ordered a Quarter Pounder, a Steakhouse Stack, Garlic Cheesy Bites, a Chicken Fajita Wrap and a Galaxy Caramel Pie, along with curry and barbecue sauces to dip.

The American was pleasantly surprised at what he got.
TikTok/ @kalanighosthunter

A wide variety of items for our TikTok connoisseur to sample.

Digging in to the Quarter Pounder first, he remarked that he has had plenty of these in his life, saying it 'tastes really close to the one at home'.

Not a bad start, he moved to the Steakhouse Stack, which he pointed out wasn't available in the US.

Before taking a bite, he said that the lettuce and onions 'actually look fresh'.

Nodding in approval, he said: "There's actually some kind of steak sauce, like a peppercorn steak sauce - it tastes really good for a McDonald's hamburger."

Some of the highest praise you could get, maybe we've got the better Maccies?

Trying the Garlic Cheesy Bites, which also aren't available in the US, he said they're 'pretty good', while also saying that the 'curry sauce be curryin' after dipping a bite into it.

Excited for the crispy Chicken Fajita Wrap, again not available on the other side of the pond, he took a bite, again nodding in approval.

The review on this was that: "It tastes better than Taco Bell by 10,000 to one."

Another point to the UK there.

Hunter liked the Barbecue sauce, among other items on the menu.

Trying the barbecue sauce, he said it 'tastes more like home', while dipping his chips (or fries) in.

Speaking of chips, he said the 'fries' are the same consistency and texture, but probably cooked in a different oil.

To finish, he had the Galaxy Caramel Pie, taking a moment then saying: Oh my... I think it's freaking good."

So maybe the UK and US aren't so far apart when it comes to quality fast food.

I don't know if that's a win or not, but we'll take it!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@kalanighosthunter

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