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People discover you can buy 'Baby Guinness in a bottle' for around £20

People discover you can buy 'Baby Guinness in a bottle' for around £20

The perfect addition to your Christmas drinks menu

People are just discovering ‘bottles of Baby Guinness’ that you can pick up for around £20. Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!

For the uninitiated, a Baby Guinness doesn’t actually contain any of the delicious stout that bears its name, but is instead made up of a coffee liqueur, such as Tia Maria or Khaluah, topped with a layer of Irish Cream - like Baileys, or Aldi’s Ballycastle, if you’re on a budget.

The shot gets its name due to its resemblance of a tiny pint of Guinness when it's settled, with a dark-coloured bottom and frothy pale layer on the top.

However, for those who have been making them together at home a nostalgic liqueur you can buy quite cheaply online does the job for you.

Sheridans' is uniquely designed in that it has two different sections in the bottle, with one side containing a coffee, whisky liqueur and other is a white, chocolatey liqueur.

Meaning you can pour out the darker side first and then carefully pour the lighter one on top to create a drink that resembles a Baby Guinness.

A description from explains: “The ‘perfect pour’ mechanism on Sheridan's Perfect Pour Liqueur, ensures the optimum blend of the rich coffee and sweet creamy liqueur every time.

Brits are dying to get their hands on the ‘Baby Guinness in a bottle’.

"Enjoy over ice for the perfect drink.”

The drink was launched back in the early 1990s and it's fair to say it’s popularity has dropped off, until now when it’s been seen by a new audience thanks to TikTok.

A clip of the drink was shared by @mancavebartender, who dubbed it ‘Baby Guinness in a bottle’ and showed off how to pour yourself the perfect shot.

Captioning the clip, which has more than eight million views, he wrote: "Baby Guinness in a bottle! How do you pour your Sheridan’s coffee layered liqueur?”

A clip of the drink has gone viral.

The TikTok was soon flooded with comments from folks who were dying to give the drink a try, with one writing: “OMG I need this in my life.”

Another said: “That is genius.”

Someone else commented: “I’ve actually tried this and it’s one of my favourites.”

While a fourth added: “Just give me the bottle.”

However, the TikToker was quick to point out that the drink isn’t exactly the same as your usual Baby Guinness due to the flavour combinations of Sheridan’s.

"I’m not saying it’s [the] same taste but it looks like a Baby Guinness," he added in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: mancavebartender/TikTok

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