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Brits are travelling 4,000 miles for viral chocolate that is 'worth the hype'

Brits are travelling 4,000 miles for viral chocolate that is 'worth the hype'

That's quite a journey to go on for a chocolate sweet tooth craving

We've all been there, when you get that sweet tooth craving and it doesn't matter what you do but you just can't stop thinking about chocolate.

Now for most of us that will mean a quick trip to the kitchen or a walk down to the local shop, but for some chocolate obsessed Brits it apparently means travelling 4,000 miles to try the ultimate treat.

It's not just any chocolate bar they're heading for, but one that has a sweet dessert inspired filling and, to be honest, it looks like it would be a sugar sensation.

Chocolate fans have been going wild for the bars. (Instagram/@fixdessertchocolatier)
Chocolate fans have been going wild for the bars. (Instagram/@fixdessertchocolatier)

Crafted by Fix Dessert Chocolatier in Dubai, the bar is called 'Can't Get Khanafed Of It' and it's become a viral success after it was shared online.

The bar itself is made of milk chocolate, which might not seem that decadent but it's the filling that truly makes it.

It's stuffed with an oozing green filling made of crispy khanafeh, pistachio cream and tahini spread.

It costs £16, which isn't a wildly extravagant price but when you add the fact that people have been travelling from around the world to get their hands (and tastebuds) on it, then it adds up.

Those that have tasted it have shared that others won't regret it as they claim it's 'worth the hype'.

The viral 'Can't Get Khanafed Of It' bar. (Instagram/@fixdessertchocolatier)
The viral 'Can't Get Khanafed Of It' bar. (Instagram/@fixdessertchocolatier)

The brand's 'Fix' bars come in various flavours, but the 'Khanafed Of It' has proved to be one of the biggest hits with people practically salivating about it online.

On one video on the Fix Dessert Chocolatier's Instagram page, chocolate fans have gone wild for the bar as one commented: "I need one of these in my life!"

Another added: "My lord that looks incredible."

A third said: "Omg this is insane I need it nooow."

And someone else posted: "Wowwww looks insane!"

Others have begged the chocolatier to ship the bar to them and to make it available worldwide, as currently the brand only sends out its creations in Dubai.

One X user penned: "I need to go to Dubai and try Fix Dessert chocolates immediately."

While a second commented: "Whoever is travelling back from Dubai to London could you get me a fix dessert chocolatier chocolate bar cause I'm dying to try it."

Sarah Hamouda, the mastermind by Fix Dessert Chocolate, created the brand in 2021 but it's become more of a recent viral success after videos of chocolate fans chomping into her creations have been widely shared.

Sarah told The Mirror: "When it went viral, I was completely overwhelmed. As an Egyptian British expat in Dubai, seeing our homegrown brand reach people around the world was beyond my wildest dreams.

"It hit me hard that we had to keep pushing ourselves. It was such a milestone moment."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@fixdessertchocolatier

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