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People are just realising what goo inside Cadbury's Creme Egg Twisted Is

People are just realising what goo inside Cadbury's Creme Egg Twisted Is

The goo is delicious but not really part of a balanced diet

Well, it's Christmas time and pretty soon the supermarkets will be working out just how early they can stock up for Easter.

That means the Cadbury's Creme Egg will be making a comeback to shelves all over the country, and you can enjoy devouring the contents to your heart's content.

Since it's still Christmas though, the best place you'll find the Creme Egg is in the Twisted sweets you find in packs of Heroes, but what is that delicious stuff inside?

As one stumped Twitter user once wrote: “I have a huge problem weighing on my mind: what is the substance in the middle of a Creme Egg called? What is it? A goo?”

It's probably best described as a fondant, but they weren't the only one.

“I have a question. What is the goo made from in a Creme Egg?” someone else asked.

Despite British people eating around 333 million Creme Eggs a year, according to the Daily Star, this slightly unappetisingly-described 'goo' is a real mystery to most of the general public.

Everyone knows the Twisted is the best one in the Heroes tub.

There is, though, a simple and delicious explanation as to what the centre of the Creme Egg actually consists of.

That sweet taste that you can't quite describe other than being really, really sugary?

That's a soft fondant and it's that – that's the 'goo'. It's supposed to mimic the yolk and egg white of an actual egg, which is why it's coloured both white and yellow.

But you knew that – so what's it actually made of?

Well, the Creme Egg isn't just called that because of its shape, but because the ingredients actually contain dried egg whites! So there you go.

According to Cadbury's official website, more than 500 million Creme Eggs are made each year and surprisingly it's the British who enjoy eating them the most.

Yum, yum, yum.
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“Cadbury Creme Egg is the most popular and over 500 million Creme Eggs are made every year with about two thirds of that number being enjoyed in the UK," the site reads.

“That is 3.5 Cadbury Creme Eggs for every person in this country to enjoy.”

Putting that in monetary terms, it means that £70 million is spent annually on creme filled eggs.

However, in 2020 it was revealed that Creme Eggs don't just taste sweet – they're stuffed to the hilt with sugar. It was revealed by Cadbury that each 40g egg contains 177kcal, 6.1g of fat, 3.7g saturates, 0.06g salt and 26.5g of sugar.

The NHS advises anyone over the age of 11 to limit their daily intake of sugar to 30g, which basically means you've hit your limit with just one egg. Around Easter, though, who's counting?

Featured Image Credit: eBay/Cadbury

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