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Restaurant changes rules after woman’s social media mistake led to £50,000 dinner bill

Restaurant changes rules after woman’s social media mistake led to £50,000 dinner bill

The change came after a prank gone wrong.

As the cost-of-living continues to tighten everyone’s belts, booking yourself a nice meal out is more cherished than ever.

Whether you’re opting for a bougie café or street food, when you go out to eat, it always tastes better than what you can conjure up in the kitchen.

However, when menus are involved, you’re generally expected to know what you’re paying for and it shouldn’t come as a surprise when the bill arrives.


Wang received a ridiculous amount of fraudulent orders.

Unfortunately, after a woman in China received an eye watering bill due to a prank gone wrong, one restaurant has completely changed their rules so that it can never happen again.

Last month, when catching up with a pal over lunch, a woman surnamed Wang decided to eat a delicious meal at a hotpot restaurant in Kunming, Southwest China.

It seems innocent enough, but a mistake was made when she decided to snap a photo of her food while celebrating and posted it to the Chinese app WeChat.

It was only after her bill arrived showing a mind-boggling 430,000 yuan (£50,000) that the woman knew something had gone wrong.

Restaurant owners change their ordering system to prevent another incident.

As it turns out, her table’s QR code was visible in her photo, and even though she only sent it to trusted friends, a few sly dogs decided that it would be hilarious to add a ridiculous number of meals onto the order.

According to The South China Morning Post, an internet friend added as much as 2,580 orders of squid, 1,850 orders of duck blood (a delicacy in the region) and 9,990 portions of shrimp paste.

Now, I’m not a mathematician but that sounds like enough to feed a village.

However, once Wang was aware of what had happened and deleted her upload, she was still bombarded with orders due to the restaurant’s ability to have orders placed from a great distance away from the property.

The bill came to around £50,000.

Luckily for the poor woman, the owners of the restaurant completely understood her situation and let her off without having to pay the eye-watering bill.

But they didn’t stop there, as they are even said to have moved her and her friend to a new table to prevent more fraudulent orders being made so that she could order in peace.

As the issue was caused by the QR code, the owners have also altered its ordering system so they can now only be placed within a certain distance of the property.

So, thankfully the whole thing was quickly rectified and no other patron will have to experience such an expensive prank.

Featured Image Credit: Getty stock images

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