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Calculator works out how much money you’ll save if you do Dry January this year

Calculator works out how much money you’ll save if you do Dry January this year

It can be staggering just how much money you can save by not drinking alcohol

With Christmas and New Year effectively being one big blur of calories and booze, many folks arrive in January wanting to take a breather.

Many people do Dry January as a way to give their body a break after the hammering it can take over the festive period, but it turns out your liver is not the only thing it will be easier on.

Anyone who has been out to the pub in the last few weeks may have noticed one notable thing.

If you guessed that your debit card starts belching out black smoke every time you pay for a round, you would be correct.

Going out for drinks is expensive, as five pound pints are now commonplace.

Some of our staff here at LADbible even claim to have paid more than eight pounds in a pub, and nine at a festival.

And that's before we even get into cocktails.

So, how much could you save by cutting out the booze over January?

Well, the team from Creditfix have crunched the numbers to see just how much you could save.

The expenses add up quickly.
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They compared the cost across around 30 pubs in the UK, and then allowed people to figure out roughly how many drinks they have a week.

Finally, the calculator tells you how much you are spending on alcohol.

Let's say you drink around ten pints of lager a week. If you assume the average cost of a pint is £5, that'd be around £200 a month.

Maxine McCreadie, Debt Advice Specialist at Creditfix, said earlier this year: “Many people doing Sober October do it to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, where the initiative originated from. Alongside donating money to charity, people can save at least £100 each month if they’re drinking five pints a week - even more if their drink of choice is a cocktail or a spirit.

You could save a surprising amount.
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“After summer, a month-long break can not only help improve your health and wellbeing but improve your bank balance and savings ahead of the festive season, too.

“Many people regularly shell out at least £5 for a drink in a bar - and it can quickly add up, especially if you’re used to popping for one after work. This calculator should help people work out just how much they can save this month.”

So there you have it, not only will your liver thank you but also your wallet. All the more cash to spend on gym memberships you will definitely not abandon after five weeks.

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