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Former Five Guys employee shares two important hacks to save money on your order

Former Five Guys employee shares two important hacks to save money on your order

Maezion Henix shared the tricks of the trade with Five Guys fanatics

If you're looking to slash your spending but just can't give up your Five Guys fix, listen up - as this former employee might just have the answers to your dining dilemma.

The fast food chain came under fire earlier this week for it's 'out of control' prices and a lot of customers just can't justify spending big bucks on a burger and chips... even if it is scrumptious.

Five Guys' CEO Jerry Murrell firmly stands by the company's controversial pricing structure though, and previously said that his firm only 'raises prices to reflect whatever our food costs are'.

"So, if the mayonnaise guy triples his price, we pay triple for the mayonnaise! And then we'll increase the price of our product," he added.

But another business insider reckons that diners just need to work smarter, not harder, when they're dining on a budget.

Former Five Guys worker Maezion Henix has revealed the tricks of the trade which he claims allow customers to get more for their money at the popular food spot.

He ended up becoming a bit of a superstar on social media after sharing videos online that gave people a glimpse of what goes on behind-the-scenes during his shifts, which ended up going viral.

Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

The lad, who worked at a branch in Shreveport, Louisiana, impressed Five Guys fanatics with both his potato chopping skills and his knowledge, but he has now gone one step further by sharing his secrets to getting a cheap meal.

Henix says that people should use the menu to their advantage to save some cash, especially when they are deciding between little, regular, or large fries - as each order gets an extra scoop anyway.

He told Business Insider: "Our small fry feeds one to two people, our regular fry feeds two to four people, and our large fry feeds four to six people. So if I see two people coming in, I'd tell them to get a little fry to help them save some money."

Adding an extra dollop of chips in the bag is a bit of a psychological trick, as apparently it leaves customers thinking they've got more bang for their buck.

Henix then explained that the other size options on the menu are also another red herring, saying that people shouldn't swerve ordering one of Five Guys 'little' burgers.

PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images

A lot of people imagine that they're going to be served a really mini burger or some kind of kids meal, but the ex-employee explained it is actually just referring to what's in between the buns.

He reminded customers that standard burgers come with two patties, while the 'little' versions only come with one - so it isn't actually shrunken, it's just got less meat on it.

It's a relatively minor change, but every little helps and choosing the small option can make a big difference to your bill.

Henix advised people to fill up the empty space with toppings - which are all completely free.

As well as a variety of sauces, you can add pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and jalapeños to your grub and it won't cost you a thing.

LADbible has contacted Five Guys for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Mike Kemp/In Pictures/PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images

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