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Why Five Guys charges so much for burger and fries after being criticised for 'out of control' prices

Why Five Guys charges so much for burger and fries after being criticised for 'out of control' prices

Prices at the fast food chain have had fans complaining, but there's a reason why they're so high

Five Guys is a lot of people's favourite cheat meal destination, but some just can't bring themselves to pay that much for a burger and fries.

If you were to compare it to competitors such as McDonald's, you'll find that it's an option that's quite heavy on the bank account.

Despite its prices, Five Guys has a glistening reputation for the quality of its food, from its fresh golden fries to juicy beef patties or even its authentic American-style hot dogs.

Many are opposed to the idea of the fast food restaurant charging almost £12 for a cheeseburger, but it turns out that there is a very good reason for this.

This comes amid an online outrage after a US customer's Five Guys receipt went viral.

Wall Street Silver posted the photo on X, formerly known as Twitter, which shows a Bacon Cheeseburger priced at $12.49 (£9.83), a small portion of fries for $5.19 (£4.08) and a regular soda for $2.89 (£2.27).

After tax and gratuity though, the grand total was $24.10 (£18.97), with the user writing: "Five Guys prices are out of control. $24 for one person."

Viewers were enraged in the comments section, making their thoughts known as one said: "Fast food becoming a luxury meal is a sign of the times."

Another commented: "$5 for a small fry is highway robbery. It's literally just a potato and some salt."

A third pointed out: "Five Guys was always overpriced. Same meal was $15 ten years ago."

The price of a Five Guys meal has been heavily criticised by customers.

But some defended the fast food chain, citing its 'premium' products and ingredients.

You are also offered 15 free toppings with your order and free refills, so there are those positives, while the fresh ingredients cost a lot more than their frozen alternatives, having a shorter shelf life.

The chain gets its spuds from all over the world and hand-cuts the potatoes in store to create its fluffy, crispy fries.

Five Guys meat is also reportedly from a speciality supplier, which is comprised of 80 percent lean and 20 percent fat ground beef - apparently, this is the perfect ratio of yumminess.

The fast food joint is known for being pretty generous with its portion sizes too, which doesn't come cheap.

You can barely fit the burgers in your mouth to take a bite and let's not even get started on there being enough fries to feed a small family at the bottom of the bag.

The CEO of Five Guys has commented on its prices in the past.
Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images

Five Guys scrumptious chips are also cooked in peanut oil, which can be an extremely expensive commodity.

The cloud-like burger buns also cost quite a few quid, as apparently they are much sweeter and eggier than most.

Five Guys CEO Jerry Murrell said the bread is baked fresh daily and shipped out to every branch.

And he isn't shy about discussing his company's pricing for a burger and chips or peoples opinions about it.

"Our food prices fluctuate," Murrell said. "We do not base our price on anything but margins.

"We raise our prices to reflect whatever our food costs are. So, if the mayonnaise guy triples his price, we pay triple for the mayonnaise! And then we'll increase the price of our product."

LADbible has contacted Five Guys for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Mike Kemp/Getty / Instagram/Five Guys

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