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Harrods sandwich which costs £28 has baffled customers

Harrods sandwich which costs £28 has baffled customers

Brits can hardly believe the price of the bank-breaking butty

If you begrudge paying a few quid for a meal deal, you're really going to despise the prices in Harrods Food Hall.

The posh emporium in Knightsbridge, West London, is flogging butties that will set you back a whopping £28.

It seems the target market for the lunchtime rush is millionaires or lottery winners with a taste for wagyu beef.

The cost of the swanky steak sandwich has baffled customers, as you could easily feed a family of four elsewhere for the price of the lunch offering.

Don't get me wrong, it's brimming with fancy ingredients that cost an arm and a leg, rather than just the usual dollop of mayo.

Would you fork out for it?
Triangle News

Sandwiched between Harrods' signature sourdough bread is a wagyu filet, porcini and truffle butter and gold mustard mayo.

The bank breaking butty is then finished off with portobello mushrooms, rocket and beer braised onions.

To be fair, wagyu steak isn't cheap - it's one of the world's most costly meats and is usually imported from Japan.

It can set you back up to £160 per pound, while truffle costs between 65p and £1 for just a single gram.

Although the price of the posh nosh is hardly surprising for Harrods, people can hardly believe people are actually paying that much for a lunchtime snack.

There is also a Wagyu Katso 'Sando' on offer for the same price - which measures just four by three inches.

Most Brits are baffled that anyone can actually afford the sandwich amid the current cost of living crisis.

They do look tasty, to be fair.
Triangle News

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, butty connoisseurs have been sharing their opinions of the sky-high price of the steak sandwich.

One said: "Just saw someone on TikTok buy and review a sandwich from Harrods that was £28. TWENTY. EIGHT. BRITISH. POUNDS."

Another shocked user said: "You can buy a sandwich in Harrods for £28."

If you fancy something that's still tasty but cheaper than the £28 sub, you could always head to M&S.

The high-street giant has a roast beef and horseradish mayo sarnie on offer for just £4.

Although it might not be as Instagram worthy, at least you don't have to remortgage your home to afford it.

LADbible has contacted Harrods for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News/Wiki Commons

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