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Brits annoyed after spotting list of things banned from pub

Brits annoyed after spotting list of things banned from pub

The pub had listed all the banned items on its coasters

Brits were left fuming after a pub banned punters from using several items while visiting.

The establishment shared its list of rules on its coasters, and people have been left shocked over the strict requirements.

Sharing a photo on Reddit, one person explained: "No phones allowed at this British pub I visited."

But it wasn't just phones that were banned, there were several other items as well as a long list of things that visitors couldn't do, either.

The pub banned all technology (Getty Stock Photo)
The pub banned all technology (Getty Stock Photo)

The coaster explains: "Mobile, tablet & laptop free zone.

"Let's just talk. Mobile phones, iPads, Kindles, tablets, laptops and other transmission or reception devices are not allowed to be used in this pub.

"The ban includes sending or receiving texts, taking or viewing photographs, emailing, using games, apps, web browsing or Google, Facebook or other social media, Messenger etc, etc.

"We want our traditional pub to be a haven for social conversation."

People were pretty taken aback by the list of requirements. After all, who doesn't carry a phone on them these days?

Commenting on the post, many speculated that the pub in question could be a Samuel Smith's - known for banning tech among punters.

Its website explains: "Our pubs are havens from the digital world – there are no TVs or background music.

"The use of mobile phones, laptops and other tech is not allowed in our pubs.

"Friendly pub conversation is encouraged (no swearing!) together with the responsible enjoyment of our beers."

One person wrote on Reddit: "I’d pass. I understand why they do it but I can’t even send a text? No thanks."

The pub has some strict rules (Reddit)
The pub has some strict rules (Reddit)

While another said: "I get wanting go have an authentic experience and such, but emergencies happen, and my ass will NOT miss another emergency just because the pub 'doesn't want you to receive or send texts', hard pass from me."

LADbible has reached out to Samuel Smith's for comment.

A Samuel Smith's pub in Yorkshire has banned children, muddy boots, dogs, swearing and technology in a bid to remain a ‘traditional’ business.

The Boot and Shoe Inn in Tockwith, which is owned by Samuel Smith’s, ended up going viral last year after a photo of the rules was posted on X by Leon Foster, who wrote: “The full range of Sam Smiths bans on offer here - appears children are now banned ‘temporarily’.”

Details of the temporary ban on children appeared in a poster in the pub’s window, with a message from someone named Tracey saying: “For the time being children will only be allowed in the beer gardens. They must stay at your table and not running around.

"They cannot come inside the pub and must be accompanied by an adult when they go to the toilet. All children have to be off the premises by 8pm. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused."

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Image/Reddit

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