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Man’s revelation about ‘car cheese’ leaves people divided

Man’s revelation about ‘car cheese’ leaves people divided

Not everyone was convinced

When it comes to food, we're very much a 'whatever floats your boat' kind of species.

Let's face it, all people like things done a little differently when it comes to food.

What may be the height of culinary excellence for some is absolutely garbage to others.

Perhaps nobody has exemplified this better than Garett Bearenger, who made a candid confession about one eating habit of his.

A man's secret cheese habit has horrifed many.

And needless to say, his snacking ways had people divided.

In a video shared to his instagram, Garett said: "Tell me I'm not the only one who does this.

"Every time I take a trip to the grocery store, I grab a block of cheese that I snack on on the car ride home."

Say what now?

Don't most people just grab a Mars bar or a pepperoni stick?

Garett continued: "Call it my car cheese.

"Today we got a big of pecorino.

"I feel like a lot of people probably do this, just nobody talks about it.

"Car cheese man, let me tell you. Life changing."

And to finish off the video, Garett takes a big chomping bite into his car cheese.

I can't say I've ever thought of cars and cheeses going together.

Cheese is loved by many - but how about car cheese?

My question would be where the cheese goes once he's arrived home.

Does it come inside the house with him?

Or does he leave it in the car for his next drive?

It seems like a lot of Garett's viewers had some questions and observations of their own.

One person wrote: "In this economy?? Is cheese less expensive in the US?"

Another admitted: "My grandpa does this."

A horrified commenter said: "That piece of pecorino must be like $30. It was destine to make some good carbonara and this is what you do?"

Maybe Garett should stick to the Babybels in the future, if he wants to avoid outraging cheese aficionados.

To be fair to him, he's not the only person to have a quirky relationship with cheese.

One man went as far as to mail a slice of cheese to himself in the post.

Why, you may ask?

Pure human curiosity really, which is as good a reason to put cheese in an envelope as any.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@garettbearenger

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