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Man 'feels great' after swapping veganism for raw meat diet

Man 'feels great' after swapping veganism for raw meat diet

He's pretty much become the anti-vegan

A former vegan has said he's never been healthier after switching over to a raw meat diet, claiming he hasn't been sick since.

Jonas Hussain was a vegan until 2019 and it wasn't long before he found a new diet to adopt after watching videos from now-deceased American alternative nutritionist Aajonus Vonderplanitz, who advocated for a 'primal diet' consisting largely of raw meat.

The 20-year-old pivoted to a diet of uncooked meats including raw beef, uncooked chicken and raw fish that was a far cry from the vegan foods he'd been eating until shortly before his drastic change in dishes.

He will tuck in even if the raw slab of meat that ought to be his next meal is smelling a bit strange or has changed colour, because at this point you're ignoring all the health warnings so you might as well not bother with the rest of it.

The man from Stockholm, Sweden, told PA Real Life he has 'never gotten sick' thanks to his primal diet and his preferred food is minced beef because it's cheap, easy to buy and doesn't smell as much as chicken.

Jonas Hussain claims his raw meat diet has prevented him from getting sick for years.
YouTube/Excellent Health

He said he switched to eating raw meat 'in the name of health' and would not eat cake for £10,000 because of all the sugar in it.

Hussain said: "If any food safety expert looked at the food I eat, I think they would have a heart attack because the beef is sometimes brown, the liver looks green, the chicken stinks.

"But I eat that and then nothing happens. I did the experiments on myself to see whether what we have been led to believe is actually true and surprise, surprise, it wasn’t."

"My starting point has always been health. So I’ve experimented with a bunch of things in the name of health."

The 20-year-old said he stumbled upon the 'primal diet' on YouTube and was 'just as shocked as anyone' to see a person eating lots of raw meat but he decided to give it a go.

He first tried eating a cut of raw beef and waited to see if he got sick from it - and when he didn't, the Swede kept trying other raw meats and continued not to fall ill.

Raw ground beef, raw butter and raw fermented milk. Your kind of meal?
YouTube/Excellent Health

At first he seasoned the raw meat with spices and garlic to help with the taste but soon ditched the extras as he found he didn't need them.

Within a few months he was eating all sorts of raw meat and still tucked into uncooked cuts after they had gone 'green' in his fridge.

There were limits to this carnivorous consumption, with any white mould on his food a sign that he ought to throw it out and not take the risk.

In one sitting, Hussain reckons he can scoff down about 400g of uncooked liver which he is sure means he gets 'more nutrients and no byproducts', the diet does include fruits and vegetables but these are also meant to be eaten raw.

Food safety guidelines advise you to cook raw meat before eating to avoid becoming ill, at least make sure you know where your nearest hospital is before switching to a raw meat diet.

Featured Image Credit: PA Real Life

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