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People reckon man should be 'locked up' over 'vile' pancake filling

People reckon man should be 'locked up' over 'vile' pancake filling

Every year this 'rank' pancake filling goes viral

When it comes to Pancake Day, we’re all adults. We know it's the most important day this week and we know exactly what toppings we like - and what ones we don't.

From sweet simple staples like lemon and sugar or Nutella and strawberries to tasty savoury options, there’s all kind of flavours us Brits love.

But one bloke’s preferred pancake filling has gone viral again as he divides the internet this Shrove Tuesday (13 February).

Most of us love cooking up our fluffy pancakes and crepes each year, and there’s no doubt by tonight your Instagram stories will be spammed with them.

One of those people is Ian Abrahams, who has already got to it with his ‘morning breakfast’ ‘tradition’.

Every year, the bloke enjoys his pancake rolled up and stuffed with tuna.

Yep. Tuna, the smelly, popular fish inside his pancakes.

He wrote on X earlier this morning: “Happy Pancake Day - This morning breakfast is my traditional Tuna Pancakes. What is your topping of choice?”

In the post, he showed what seem to be microwaveable, thin pancakes with one rolled up and stuffed with flakes of tuna and seemingly, nothing else.

Moose's famous tuna pancakes.

And, a little dramatically, people reckon he should be ‘locked up’ over the ‘vile’ choice of filling.

The sports commentator also known as ‘Moose’ had users joking it deserved: “6 months custody. No chance of parole.”

Another put: “Every year you ruin Pancake Day for everyone. Why?”

One wrote: “Couldn’t think of anything worse to wake up too,” as others called Abrahams a ‘disgrace’.

Some even tagged the FBI as they said: “This needs sorting ASAP.”

Used to Moose’s annual Pancake Day controversy, others joked they ‘wait for this post every year’.

Moose is known for sharing the pancakes every year.
Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images

And another echoed: “It’s not pancake day until I see a tweet about tuna pancakes, Moose. Enjoy.”

While plenty did call Abraham’s choice of pancake filling ‘rank’, many will know that savoury pancakes aren’t exactly rare – it’s just that completely plain tuna seems a little extreme.

There’s plenty of recipes online for different takes on tuna pancakes with spinach and garlic or Korean Tuna Pancakes, known as Chamchijeon.

And users on X are discovering other people have the tuna-filled pancakes too as one wrote: “Last night I found out my housemate has TUNA on pancakes,” with a Gordon Ramsay ‘disgrace’ GIF.

While it’s a rather intense snap to start your Tuesday off with, users point out: “It’s not Pancake Day without Moose’s famous tuna pancakes. Iconic.”

Featured Image Credit: X/BroadcastMoose/Getty Stock Images

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