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Bartenders slam people who order 'blended drinks' at the bar

Bartenders slam people who order 'blended drinks' at the bar

They've shared the type of drink they least like making

Bartenders have revealed the type of drinks they like making the least and it’s bad news for those of you who enjoy a frozen margarita or daiquiri.

In a post on Reddit, bartenders were asked what the ‘one drink the absolutely despise making’ was and while one said it was a ‘vodka martini’, due to the fact everyone likes it a specific way, and someone else said it was a ‘Long Island iced tea’ because ‘the people who order them don’t need another drink’.

One answer kept cropping up: blended, frozen drinks. The main reason for this seemed to be that they are time consuming to make and that a lot of bars only have one blender, which becomes a particular problem if someone wants to order more than one frozen cocktail at the same time.

Responding to the question, a bartender explained: “Anything frozen or any complicated shot for only a single patron.”

Another put it more simply: “Anything frozen, f**k that blender.”

Plenty of bartenders frozen, blended drinks like this were a nightmare to make.
Pexels/Kim van Vuuren

Someone else said: “I don’t think any drink is too bad to make, other than virgin frozen blended drinks when you only have one blender.”

A fifth person commented: “Any sort of frozen drink on a busy bar.”

While a fellow bartender agreed, revealing that the blender at his place of work is ‘always broken’, which is a pretty good excuse to get out of making one if you ask me.

Responding to the comments were many frozen drink lovers who were quick to admit they had no idea they had been inadvertently p**sing off bartenders for years.

Earlier this year, a bartender revealed that she ‘judges people a little bit’ if they order a Long Island iced tea due to incredibly boozy contents.

In a clip shared on TikTok, @soundbowlbae shared a clip of herself making one of the cocktails, and said: "Let me tell y'all a secret.

"When you come up to the bar and you order a Long Island, the first thing I'm thinking is, 'Is everything ok? Like, is everything going on alright in your life 'cos why on earth would you want four different liquors in your drink?'.

"You are getting rum, vodka, tequila and gin all mixed in one. That's just insane."

Yep, that sounds like a recipe for disaster, if you ask me. A sweet, sweet recipe.

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