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Woman horrified receiving bill for ‘1890’ hotel cocktail she thought cost less than £20

Woman horrified receiving bill for ‘1890’ hotel cocktail she thought cost less than £20

She thought the cocktail was less than £20 and was horrified when she realised her mistake

A woman on holiday to London was shocked after being handed the bill for the cocktail she ordered in a swanky hotel bar.

Lynsey was visiting London for New Year’s Eve with her husband when she decided to treat herself to a cocktail from the bar at the five star hotel they were staying in.

You can see her explain went wrong here:

Lynsey, who later revealed she didn’t even particularly enjoy the drink, said she thought the cocktail was £18.90. So you can imagine her surprise when she was handed a bill for a whopping £2,000.

Yep, two thousand pounds.

In a clip shared on TikTok, Lynsey - who posts under the name @lynsey_36 - said: “So when I discovered the cocktail I had ordered was £2,000, I showed my husband the receipt and he was furious at me.

“So he left the bar. Left me on my own to deal with it. And I said to the young guy behind the bar, ‘look I’m so sorry, I had no idea it was £1,890.”

Lynsey then explained that the way the price was set on the menu had a space - meaning it was presented: 18 90 - leaving her to believe it was £18.90, but she admits that upon closer inspection the other prices were presented with the full stop in the middle and accepts it was ‘definitely [her] mistake'.

Lynsey said she thought the drink was less than £20.

Panic began to set in and Lynsey explained to the bartender she couldn’t possibly fork over two grand for a couple of drinks, at which point the manager came over to see what the issue was.

Lynsey says despite it being her mistake the manager was ‘so discreet and so wonderful’ and eventually reassured her that he would ‘sort it out’ telling her to go to her room and enjoy the rest of her stay.

But that’s easier said than done when you’ve got a potential £2,000 bill hanging over your head and Lynsey says the next four days were pretty tense with her doing everything she could to avoid the bar.

The manager said the bartender had been sent for retraining.

Eventually Lynsey ended up returning to the bar where she saw the manager again and was greeted with open arms, much to her relief - but that relief was short lived as when she asked what happened to the bartender she was told he’d been sacked.

Lynsey was horrified and explained: “So I burst into tears. I was so terribly, terribly upset. I said, ‘look it’s not worth the guy’s job. I will pay the £2,000. I’m so, so, so sorry. It wasn’t his fault.’”

Fortunately, it turned out to be a joke, with the manager confirming no one had lost their job but the bartender in question had been sent for retraining as this wasn’t the first time it happened and that he should have made sure customers knew just how much the drink cost before he made it.

So there you go - always make sure you check the prices properly before ordering, eh?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lynsey_36/Getty Stock Photo

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