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Woman uses scientific hack to remove ketchup from the bottom of the bottle

Woman uses scientific hack to remove ketchup from the bottom of the bottle

A TikToker has demonstrated a scientific hack to remove ketchup from the bottom of the bottle to the top.

The internet is full of wonderful life hacks, however, it is fair to say that some are more useful than others.

From experts warning the maximum amount of time you should be leaving your bed sheets on before washing them, to people being left 'mind blown' by a woman opening a wine bottle without a bottle opener - every side really is covered.

Now, a woman has used a scientific hack to solve something that can be a big annoyance to a lot of us at the dinner table.

You know when you are tucking into your fish and chips on a Friday evening after a hard week at work, there's nothing worse than finding there is hardly any ketchup in the bottle.

Well, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic - but it's a pretty annoying situation to come across when you just want to tuck in, right?

That problem will be no more if you listen to one particular TikToker's advice though, as a scientific hack will remove the ketchup from the bottom of the bottle.

To be honest, the hack does have its drawbacks, as you do look like you are embarking on a rather silly dance to get the ketchup closer to the lid. But at least it gets the job done, right?

The hack does require a bit of a workout.

Taking to TikTok, Casey Rieger started off a video by explaining: "Okay I saw somebody do this [ketchup trick] on TikTok and thought it was genius so I'm gonna give it a try."

Casey began by demonstrating the typical way most of us try to get the remaining ketchup out, as she explained: "You know when you want the last bit of ketchup, most people hit it on the palm like that... but if you wanna get the whole bottle..."

The TikToker then paused for a second before swinging the ketchup bottle with full force in a circular helicopter motion - something she did seven times.

As she held up the bottle, Casey was left in awe as the ketchup was found siting right at the top of the bottle, "How cool is that? Right, how cool is that?" she asked her followers.

Casey was pretty amazed by the hack.

A whopping 20,000+ followers have flocked to the comment section of the TikTok to provide their thoughts.

One person joked: "Just did this. now I have shoulder surgery scheduled for Wednesday."

A second added: "Been doing that for years. My wife calls it the Elvis move."

Meanwhile, a third asked: "Does this work with shampoo and conditioner?"

Will you be giving this a go?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/CaseyRieger

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