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Woman sparks debate with bold claims over foods which don’t belong in the fridge

Woman sparks debate with bold claims over foods which don’t belong in the fridge

A TikToker has said there are six foods you shouldn't keep in the fridge, but is she right?

A woman has caused quite a stir after claiming that there's six foods you should never be storing inside your fridge, and of course not everyone agrees with her.

The fridge is a marvellous invention and there are few things as satisfying as opening it up to see it bursting with delicious food.

However, some of the things you keep in there probably shouldn't be in that chilly chamber.

TikToker @neat.caroline has identified six foods which - she says - ought to belong in your cupboards and not your fridge, though not everyone is on the same page about this.

Is there something in your fridge that shouldn't be there?
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OK, I'm going to set out my stall here and say that chocolate should only be kept in the fridge if it's actually melting in the cupboards.

Several commented to say that was their reason for sticking chocolate in the fridge and fair play to them, it's the only acceptable reason, chilling chocolate for any other cause is pretty much one of the worst crimes possible in my book.

TikToker Caroline agrees on this, although perhaps doesn't feel quite as strongly, saying it 'dulls the flavour and leads to a grainy consistency'.

Those in the know agree, with Cadbury's saying chocolate belongs in your cupboards.

Not everyone agrees, and some people who are catastrophically wrong commented to say they 'like chocolate cold'.

Of course some people are wrong to like what they like.

Keeping chocolate in the fridge? Absolutely not.


This one's pretty controversial too, though Caroline said it was 'entirely safe to keep it in your cupboard' she did concede that it was 'totally safe to keep the bottle in the fridge'.

When you walk around the supermarket you'll find ketchup on a shelf instead of in a fridge, so you might think the cupboard was ketchup's natural habitat.

However, several commenters pointed out that it 'says on the bottle to refrigerate after opening' and Heinz have given their verdict too.

They confirmed that ketchup belongs in the fridge once it actually makes it to your house, having found that 54 percent of their customers follow their instructions while 46 percent reckon ketchup ought to live in the cupboard.

Ketchup is one of those you actually can keep in the fridge just fine, and most people agree.


The TikToker explained that when it comes to garlic bulbs 'refrigeration causes it to become rubbery'.

This is a view shared by quite a few foodies so if you want to munch on high quality garlic and make sure your nearest and dearest desire to avoid the putrid pong of your breath then avoid the fridge.

Garlic was one of the less controversial foods among the six, it seems as though people don't have strong opinions on where to store it in the same way they do about chocolate and ketchup.

Olive Oil

Yet another kitchen staple which experienced foodies say needs to be kept well away from low temperatures.

The TikToker warned viewers that olive oil can 'form crystals and turn solid if left in the fridge', which understandably ruins it.

This time around she sparked a debate not on where it belonged in the kitchen but who was sticking olive oil in their fridge in the first place.

"I wanna know WHO is putting oil in the fridge," one asked in response, while many others were curious enough to wonder the exact same thing.

If you're one of the people who stores olive oil in the fridge know that people around you love and care for you, and will support you through whatever you're going through.

Also take it out of the fridge.

"I have ruined my olive oil by storing it in the fridge. What an absolute doofus I am."
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A bit of shredded basil is a nice addition to plenty of meals but you might have stuck the leaves in the fridge to keep for next time.

This is apparently a bad move, with the TikToker explaining that your supply of basil is 'best left in room temperature with the stems in water'.

Again, this is one where it helps to look at where the thing is kept on the shop shelves.

"Please don't keep me in the fridge, I don't like the cold."
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You should know by now that keeping bread in the fridge is a bad idea but you should also swerve storing other baked goods in there as well.

Room temperature is best for these things as the coldness of your fridge will screw with your delicious food.

Keep your pastries at room temperature, though if they're packed with dairy products be aware of them going off.
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A baker commented to disagree and say that any pastries stuffed with things like cream or custard will do alright for short periods of time at room temperature but would be spoiled in the long run.

They warned that freshly baked goods with milk, cream or eggs 'will go rancid' if just left out.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/neat.caroline

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