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Slush Puppie confirm its products don't contain potentially fatal ingredient

Slush Puppie confirm its products don't contain potentially fatal ingredient

Slush Puppie previously addressed the potentially fatal ingredient in slushy drinks.

Slush Puppie confirmed that its products do not contain the potentially fatal ingredient used in several other slushy drinks.

The company issued a statement back in July 2023 confirming that they had removed glycerol from its products as a highly precautionary measure due to concerns outlined by the FSA.

Mum Victoria Anderson recently revealed that her three-year-old son, Angus, collapsed half an hour after having a different brand of slushy.

Angus' body became limp and cold as she waited for paramedics to arrive, but luckily doctors brought him back to consciousness at Glasgow Children's Hospital after over two hours.

Another mum revealed the story of her son who 'almost died' after having a slush, though he also hallucinated before becoming unconscious.

According to The Food Standards Agency (FSA), the dangerous ingredient in slush drinks has been revealed to be glycerol (E422).

This ingredient is in many slushy drinks as it stops the liquid from freezing, therefore saving the slushiness and acting as a sweetener that is also sugar-free.

Both boys were said to have suffered from glycerol intoxication.

The FSA's Head of Additives, Adam Hardgrave, said: "While the symptoms of glycerol intoxication are usually mild, it is important that parents are aware of the risks – particularly at high levels of consumption.

"It is likely that there is under-reporting of glycerol intoxication, as parents may attribute nausea and headaches to other factors.

"We are grateful to those manufacturers who have already taken steps to reduce levels of glycerol, and to those who have already told us they will be adopting our new guidelines."


In a statement, BDSA said last year: “We and our members have been working with the Food Standards Agency to support this guidance on the use of glycerol.

“Our members adhere to all current ingredient legislation including in relation to glycerol, which is authorized as an additive for use in the UK and Europe and has been used for a number of years by manufacturers of ‘slush’ ice drinks in order to stop the product from freezing. We support this updated FSA communication for the benefit of consumers.”

Nichols, the company who own the Slush Puppie brand, addressed the FSA's warning, adding: “The safe enjoyment of our products is paramount to everything we do.

“We fully support the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and British Soft Drinks Association’s (BSDA) position and are implementing the industry guidance to ensure that ICEE can be enjoyed safely.

“We have also proactively reformulated our SLUSH PUPPiE and Starslush iced slush products to remove glycerol, as they are predominantly sold in venues popular amongst young children."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@official_slushpuppie_co

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