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People warned against mixing whiskey with Coca-Cola as people celebrate St Patrick's Day

People warned against mixing whiskey with Coca-Cola as people celebrate St Patrick's Day

Are you a cola snob?

How are you planning to drink your spirits in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day?

Come on, quickly think people. You have one day to go!

Whether it’s on the rocks or with a bit of coke, spirits and pop are a match made in heaven.

Or are they?

There has always been a big debate for whiskey drinkers about mixing as some think it’s a ‘crime’ to cheapen its flavour with a splash of coke.

However, a cheeky JD and coke or a straight pour up of Scotch with ice cubes are two very different drink styles with their own twist.

But apparently, diluting your booze is a sore spot for many, especially people who are really into whiskey.

I mean, it’s literally alcohol. Let me drink my fizzy tipple in peace as I watch the green parade.

But one Reddit user has even gone on to clash with their boyfriend after pouring a Diet Coke into their whiskey glass – ah, I’m sure the patron Saint would be okay with that.

They decided to air it out to the ‘Am I the A**hole’ forum to explain how the partner had bought them a £70 bottle of whisky for their birthday.

Oh, I bet that tastes fabulous.

You might want to think twice before you mix your booze with cola.
Pexels/Marta Dzedyshko

But the boyfriend felt ‘insulted’ after the addition of a splash of coke as he ‘thinks he could have got me whisky for cheap to put with coke’.

Whiskey drinkers clamoured to the comments to say they ‘cringed’ at the post and that ‘a part of my soul died’ reading the story.

One commented: “Some whisky is meant for straight drinking. Coke is for cheap stuff. That said, your boyfriend gave you a gift and he doesn't get to dictate how you enjoy it.”

Mixing cola with alcohol could be a bad idea.

As others pointed out: “You're the one consuming it, enjoy it however you like.”

Although a lot of people didn’t ‘agree with mixing cheap soda and expensive whiskey’.

However, over on Reddit’s ‘changemyview’ thread a user stated: “It should be okay to add cola to expensive whiskeys.”

They explained: “People get shamed when they mix cola with expensive whiskeys and drink. Some people take it as an offense.

"I think it is unfair to be so outraged at this. It should be okay to mix cola with expensive whiskeys.”

Really, we’re debating how to drink alcohol during a day that is notorious for drinking everything and anything, especially the beautiful baby Guinness? *Chef’s kiss*

Now, if you’re next at the bar at Wetherspoons and feel like you’re going to be mobbed by asking for a top up of cola with your whiskey, expensive or cheap, don’t let the haters get to you!

Just cheers to St. Paddy and enjoy the cola-whiskey goodness.

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