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Calculated reason Five Guys have peanuts resting on the side as you're making an order

Calculated reason Five Guys have peanuts resting on the side as you're making an order

Five Guys has become known for providing peanuts in their restaurant, but why is that?

Five Guys and peanuts very much come hand in hand to the point where we can't imagine the pair not being together.

The chain is famous for its tasty burgers, incredible array of toppings and literal mountains of fries. But there's no denying that a meal at the fast food restaurant can cost a pretty penny.

Despite the meals not being the cheapest, you can guarantee you'll be able to enjoy some peanuts before tucking into the main event.

At first, it does seem a bit weird that appetisers of peanuts would be offered at the fast food giant in the first place, considering you are about to tuck into a large meal.

But Five Guys has offered the snacks for more than 20 years, and it has very much been synonymous with the Five Guys name.

You'll always see this in a Five Guys.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of why the chain serves peanuts on the Five Guys website, though one former Five Guys employee has provided some answers.

The apparent former employee took to Reddit to claim that peanuts being offered in Five Guys is designed solely to 'distract the customers so they don't stare at us.'

Surely not? Don't worry, it's not.

As per Taste of Home, the chain is insistent that their burger patties must stay juicy, so they instruct their employees to not press down on the famous patties.

This then led leads to a longer cooking time for burgers, which would lead to customers standing around for a while waiting for their grub.

But if they've got some peanuts to munch on in the meantime, diners have something to do while they wait for their main meal.

How thoughtful of them.

Five Guys has become known for its peanuts.

As per the FAQs on their site: "Over the past 20 years, our complimentary peanuts have become a part of our identity. It is a well-loved feature of Five Guys fans and they look forward to having a pre-burger snack at our stores. The taste of our peanut oil fries is also unique to our brand.

"We by no means want to exclude guests from our stores, but at the same time would not want to disappoint our peanut eating guests."

So there you have it.

In other Five Guys news, a man has worked out the genius reason why Five Guys charges so much for a burger.

In a clip posted to TikTok, author and behavioural science expert Rory Sutherland said: "Five Guys is an interesting one because no one would have thought you could charge $10 for a burger in an environment that is no more exotic than a McDonald's, right?"

But, he went on to explain that you're actually getting a much better deal than it appears.

"If you delve a bit deeper, the burger and the shake — the two signature items — are the only things that are expensive.

"You get free drinks refills, you get an extra scoop of fries for free, you get free peanuts. All the toppings on the burger are entirely free, regardless of how many of them you want."

Featured Image Credit: Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images / Reddit

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