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World's oldest family have the eaten same meal for their entire life that expert swears by

World's oldest family have the eaten same meal for their entire life that expert swears by

One experts swears by the meal they've eaten all their lives

We all want to live a long and happy life so maybe we should take note of what the oldest family is the world did to outsmart father time.

Say hello to Italy's Melis family.

The siblings knew what they're talking about when it comes to eating the right thing, with all nine of them having a combined age of 861 years back in 2012.

They were given a Guinness World Record title for the highest combined age for nine living siblings, wit the oldest enjoying a long 109 years.

And one secret to their longevity? The same lunch every single day.

It might sound boring, as who doesn't love switching up a tuna sandwich for a jacket potato?

But the family swore by it and have the backing of experts when it comes to the science behind the food.

In 2023 the Melis siblings featured on Netflix documentary series Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones.

The Melis siblings.

The show saw American author Dan Buettner visit five 'blue zone' areas of the world which included Sardinia in Italy, where the Melis' lived.

A blue zone is an area of the world where people are claimed to live longer than on average.

And Buettner, an expert in tips to extend your life through healthy means, shone a light o the Melis family lunch that they ate every day.

The key to it? It is plant-based and contains foods full of goodies.

The soup looks class to be fair.

Explaining the meal, Buettner said: "Every day of their life they had the same meal for their lunch.

"A sourdough bread, a three bean minestrone soup - a chunky minestrone with garden vegetables.

"It always had three beans; a garbanzo, a pinto and a white bean.

"And then they had a small glass of red wine. I'm talking a two to three ounce glass.

"Now this wasn't because 'my diet requires me to do it'.

"No, they loved it."

Samanatha Cassetty, a New York City dietitian, told "People who live the longest, healthiest lives tend to eat half a cup to a cup of beans daily.

"It's also noteworthy that the soup uses three types of beans and multiple vegetables.

"Research suggests that eating 30 unique plant foods per week can improve your gut diversity, a marker of a healthy gut.

"Your gut regulates health functions, like blood pressure and cholesterol, inflammation, mood, weight and nutrient absorption, so you’ll be more likely to live a longer and healthier life if you have a healthy gut."

What exactly is it in the Melis soup that's so good for you? Well, pinto beans are packed full of nutrients, protein and fibre with zero cholesterol to be seen. Garbanzo beans are the same.

And white beans have a low calorie count against a huge nutrient backing. Again, protein and fibre is packed in so you're left feeing full despite keeping calories to a minimum.

Featured Image Credit: ETTORE LOI/AFP/GettyImages

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