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35-year-old bloke 'who looks like teenager' reveals secrets to looking so young

35-year-old bloke 'who looks like teenager' reveals secrets to looking so young

Brandon Miles May shared his tips and tricks which keep him looking like a teenager

If you are still getting asked for ID at the ripe old age of 35, then you better believe that you're going to be badgered to drop the details of your skincare routine along with your other tips and tricks.

We're all chasing our youth and will do pretty much anything to stave off the effects of the hands of time, and taking a leaf out of someone like Brandon Miles May's book might be the best place to start.

That's because this 35-year-old bloke is still getting mistaken for a teenager, despite those days being long gone.

The medical writer, from Detroit, Michigan, is giving Vera Wang a serious run for her money in the aging department, as he still boasts wrinkle-free skin and is quite the spring chicken.

As you can imagine, people often presume he is pulling their leg when he reveals his real age.

Brandon said: "When I go to the airport, security ask me who old I am. They do a double take. The age people think I am ranges but it can be 15 or 16 or 18 to 19. I've never had any work done.

"What I do is pretty simple but effective."

He looks as though he's sucked the fountain of youth dry as he's that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - but how on earth does he do it?

Well, luckily for us lot, Brandon has dished the dirt on all his secrets to aging like a fine wine.

Brandon Miles May, 35, still gets mistaken for a teenager (SWNS)
Brandon Miles May, 35, still gets mistaken for a teenager (SWNS)

He explained that he's got avoiding alcohol, staying away from the sun and maintaining a positive mindset to thank for his fresh-faced appearance, while he reckons not 'going heavy on exercising' has also played a part.

On top of that, he believes that fuelling his body with plant-based food, fish, and fruit has worked wonders too.

Brandon said: "I attribute not drinking to my youthful appearance. Really embodying the feeling of youth. I think it has helped. I think and see myself as young."

He sort of reckons that you've got to give something to get something in this life - so to stay baby-faced, he has had to steer clear of wild nights out and baking in the sunshine.

"I've been staying out of sunlight my whole life," the writer explained. "I wear a hoodie to block the sun and use physical coverings on the backs of my hands."

He's been locked into this lifelong commitment since he was just 13-years-old, which is when he first realised the importance of skincare and living a healthy lifestyle, before overhauling his diet two years later.

Brandon credits incorporating more plant-based foods and green tea into his daily regime as a game-changer.

By 19, he had decided to ditch sugars, grains and carbohydrates from his diet and instead chows down on low-mercury fish and oodles of organic food instead - without going crazy at the gym.

He believes the 'body follows the mind' (SWNS)
He believes the 'body follows the mind' (SWNS)

Brandon explained: "At 13 I was already starting to become aware of longevity and anti-aging. I was really into nutrition at that stage and keeping my body young.

"I don't go heavy on exercise. Too much exercise can cause stress on the body - it can age the body. I keep my exercise moderate and gentle - a walk, yoga, and some strength training."

Brandon also believes that 'wanting to feel good' and 'investing' time into his wellbeing has also held him in good stead.

The content creator continued: "Feeling young is part of looking young. Living forever isn't a priority. It's about maintaining my health.

"I think I look better than I did ten years ago. I feel physically and emotionally young. I think the body follows the mind."

Although a lot of people tell him that keeping up this lifestyle must be 'exhausting', he made it clear it isn't as demanding as some might think - and he still enjoys a treat.

Brandon added: "I eat chocolate every single day. I have 92 per cent to 100 per cent cacao. It's super bitter. I'm pretty flexible too. If I go out for dinner I'll have some bread and olive oil."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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