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Model who shared 178 reasons for not wanting children sparks backlash after mocking young mother

Model who shared 178 reasons for not wanting children sparks backlash after mocking young mother

The model has been criticised for 'putting down others'

A model has sparked criticism on social media after mocking a young woman who was trying to dress her toddler.

Ellie Gonsalves, from Australia, who previously shared a controversial list of 178 reasons why she doesn't want children - has received a fair amount of backlash over the video, after she compared dressing a baby to dressing her dog.

You can watch the clip below:

Ellie, who is a model and actress, recently explained why she wants to remain childfree, penning a gigantic list of reasons, which are saved in a highlight on her Instagram.

Reasons include the risk of: suffering from postpartum hair loss; not being able to have sex for at least six weeks following birth; the fact that children are noisy and that her house would never be tidy.

It's fair to say people had a lot of thoughts once the list was published. But Ellie has come under fire once again this week, after she was accused of 'putting others down' in order to 'validate her own decisions'.

In the video, Ellie stitched a clip of a mother struggling to dress her toddler, with a clip of her sitting on her sofa, putting a jumper on her very well behaved Pomeranian pooch.

She simply captioned the video with a pair of eyeballs emoji.

While some people found it funny, others said it was unnecessary.

One person wrote: "I’ll never understand people who feel the need to put down someone else’s decision in some way to validate their own decisions.

"There clearly isn’t a good intent in this post. Are you not confident or happy with your choices? Or are you trying to spark a reaction in people who are?"

While another said: "Agree, it’s unnecessary, inflammatory and smug. It’s also insensitive to women who desperately want children but can’t conceive. Unfollowed."

And a third added: "You don’t need to prove a point by putting someone else down. This applies to all things in life. Sh***ing on people and their decisions shows that YOU are trying to convince yourself of something, not the other way wrong.

"And also it lacks awareness and shows that you are unkind. So the vibes are off."

"We get it you don't want kids no need to put it all over your instagram," added a fourth.

Ellie shared a video of her dressing her dog.

Others didn't take it personally, and couldn't understand why some were critical of the video.

One wrote: "I honestly don’t understand all the comments against these posts? There are so many mommy bloggers you can follow if you want to see people happy with the choice to have children. It’s not that deep."

While another said: "She can put whatever she likes on HER insta."

LADbible has reached out to Ellie for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ellie_gonsalves

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