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Private investigator reveals four signs your partner is cheating on you

Private investigator reveals four signs your partner is cheating on you

These are the red flags to look out for

A private investigator has revealed four signs your partner might be cheating on you.

In an ideal world, no one would have to go through the pain of finding out their other half is playing away - sadly, in the real world it’s more common than most people would like.

But while you may not have any control over whether or not your partner strays, a private investigator says there are some red flags that can alert you to what they’re up to - and some of them are pretty subtle.

Private investigator Aaron Bond from Bond Rees Private Investigations told The Sun that cheaters may reveal clues of their bad behaviour without realising, so it’s a good idea to be tuned into the sort of things that to look out for.

If your partner starts being protective over their phone that could be a sign.
Pexels/Budgeron Bach

First off, if your partner all of a sudden becomes protective over their phone and takes it with them everywhere they go, that could be a sign they’re trying to hide something.

Bond explained: "If your partner starts changing their passwords, starts taking their phone everywhere with them, even around the house or they become defensive when you ask to use their phone it could be a sign of them not being faithful.”

He also warns that placing their phone face-down might be to avoid you spotting any notifications they’d rather you didn’t see.

Second up - if your partner is usually happy to tell you all about their day and what they get up but suddenly starts telling you less and less, then - according to Bond - this could be a sign they’re being unfaithful.

He explains that this can be down to feeling guilty about what they’re getting up to or because they’re worried about slipping up and being caught out in a lie.

Bond’s third red flag is changes to your partner’s libido.

A private investigator has shared the red flags that could show your partner is cheating.
Pexels/Alex Green

Natural fluctuations in how much you and your other half get it on are completely normal, but Bond says that it can show their being unfaithful.

He explained: "Cheaters often have less sex at home because they are cheating, but on occasions, they may also have more sex at home, this is because they feel guilty and use this increase in sex to hide their cheating.

"You may also find that your partner will start to introduce new things into your sex life that weren't there before."

Lastly, Bond warns that a cheating partner may become negative towards you.

He says this is because they may feel anxious or guilty about how they’re treating you so will try and find ways to justify their poor behaviour and become critical over minor issues.

Of course, these aren’t set in stone - maybe your partner doesn’t fancy sex because they’re tired, or they don’t want to talk about their day because it’s been pretty dull - but they could be a good indicator that something is up and you need to clear the air.

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