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Relationship expert shares five warning signs ‘you can do better’ than your partner

Relationship expert shares five warning signs ‘you can do better’ than your partner

Jacob Lucas has shared his expert knowledge in the hopes of encouraging people to realise that they 'deserve better'.

You might love your partner, but when they aren't pulling their weight in more than a few departments it can take a toll on your relationship.

No matter how many years have gone by or how attached you might be to one another, it's important to remember you should never settle for less - and sometimes, the grass really might be greener elsewhere.

But it can be hard to work out whether you really are just too good for your other half, or if your romance is simply going through a bad patch.

Thankfully, a relationship expert has revealed the five warning signs you can look out for which demonstrate that you really can 'do better' than the person you're currently dating.

Jacob Lucas shared his top tips for spotting the red flags which could save you a whole lot of heartbreak and hopefully help you find your perfect match a lot sooner.

The professional dating coach and body language expert explained that coming to the realisation you and your lover just aren't on the same page doesn't mean you have a superiority complex - you're just prioritising yourself.

In the clip uploaded to Instagram, he said: "Number one, he doesn't even take you out on dates. What is the point of being in a relationship if you're not going on dates together?"

Jacob Lucas shared his expert knowledge on Instagram.

Secondly, Jacob believes that if you are making 'more effort on your physical appearance' than your romantic partner, it proves they aren't interested in going that extra mile for you.

He noted: "You get yourself done up for him, wear clothes you think he will find hot, but he doesn't do the same for you."

The third warning sign that suggests you could do better, according to the expert, is that 'you support them more than they support you.'

If you clock that your their 'biggest cheerleader' but they can't be bothered to bring the same energy for you, Jacob says it is a massive hint that you deserve better.

The five signs could suggest you're simply too good for your other half.
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He continued: "Number four, he only talks to you when he wants something from you. He doesn't talk to you because he makes you feel wanted and desired, he is doing it so he can get something from you."

Ouch. That one is sure to sting.

The fifth and final sign that you need to ditch the dead weight is if you notice your other half is not 100 percent loyal, while you are unequivocally. Which pretty much says all you need to know about your relationship.

Jacob asked his 90,000 followers to comment how many they got out of five - and as you can imagine, a lot of people ended up admitting that they had unfortunately scored pretty highly.

One person wrote: "Yes, I got 5 out of 5. When I said that I wanted something different and more, something he obviously couldn’t give me he lost his s**t. So glad I’m done and moving on."

Another wrote: "Sadly but not unsurprisingly five. I love being single now - I can concentrate on things worth my effort in my life."

A third laughed: "Hence why I'm happily divorced."

And a fourth added: "Saved this as a reminder for myself if I ever end up in a relationship again."

Jacob urged people to take a closer look at their love life if they checked all the boxes - adding: "You deserve better! Don’t invest any more time into someone who doesn’t treat you right."

Hear, hear!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jacoblucas101

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