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Five common signs that show your relationship is coming to an end

Five common signs that show your relationship is coming to an end

An expert has shared five issues that your relationship might not be able to overcome

A therapist has shared five issues that your relationship might not be able to make its way back from.

Let's be honest, relationships can be hard work - but in an ideal world working through your problems in a sensible and mature way means that you can both flourish and grow.

But, of course, some issues you may face, individually or as a couple, can be too big to overcome.

And Jeff Guenther, from Oregon in the US, has shared five major problems that couples may find impossible to work through.

Jeff, who regularly shares relationship advice on his @therapyjeff account on TikTok, is a therapist who focuses on couples counselling and family therapy.

He's come up with five tell-tale signs that you might be heading towards a breakup:

Neglecting small gestures

Guenther explained: “Over time if you stop engaging in little acts of affection like compliments, flirting, touching, or spending quality time together, it's as if you have become roommates merely crossing paths in the hallway.

“This creates a significant gap, making it feel too daunting to mend things or perhaps, you have already moved on emotionally.”

A therapist has shared five issues your relationship may not be able to survive.
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Always arguing about the same things

Next up - and this one might seem quite obvious - is arguing, specifically if you find yourselves going over the same disagreement time and time again.

“Frequent unresolved arguments where the same issues resurface without any resolution or repair, lead to deep-seated resentment, contempt, and emotional exhaustion,” Jeff said.

“This means even minor disagreements trigger a sense of ‘here we go again,’ followed by shutdown and withdrawal.”

Growing apart

Third on Jeff’s list was simply growing apart - this can be inevitable in relationships, whether romantic or not - but can it be a death knell for couples.

Jeff added: “Number three, growing apart. Sometimes partners simply grow apart and it leads to unexpected shifts in the relationship.” Ouch.

Craving independence

The therapist went on to say one partner craving independence from the relationship can be a final nail in the coffin, too.

He explained: “Occasionally, a partner craves freedom outside the relationship. This often isn't about the partner’s inadequacy, but about a personal journey of self-discovery.

“That partner seeking independence might still love their significant other, but this need often leads to feelings of being trapped, creating a gap in the relationship that's hard to bridge.”

Falling for someone else

Finally, Jeff said that if one of the people in the relationship starts to develop feelings for someone else that’s usually a sure fire sign things are done.

He said: “Number five, falling for someone else. Developing feelings for someone outside the current relationship typically signals unmet emotional needs. It's perceived as a significant betrayal and it erodes trust and breaks emotional connection.

“The redirection of affection for someone else renders the task of mending the original relationship extremely difficult, if not impossible.”

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