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Dating expert exposes sad reality of ‘Tinselling’ this Christmas

Dating expert exposes sad reality of ‘Tinselling’ this Christmas

'Tinselling' is the new festive dating term doing the rounds this year.

A dating expert has exposed the sad reality of ‘Tinselling’, a new festive term that's catching fire on social media.

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner as couples all around the world still have no idea what to get their partner.

Either they're really hard to shop for or you're mentally 'still in November' with lots of time left.

While couples are trying their best to get into the romantic spirit, it seems that this time of year can be the toughest period for some.

Tina Wilson - Relationship Expert and founder of the Wingman App - has revealed why the term 'Tinselling' is so common in the lead up to Christmas and New Year.

A dating expert has exposed the sad reality of ‘Tinselling’.
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Tinselling referes to, arguably, the toughest time of your relationship and it's basically when a couple paper over the cracks of their issues.

In an interview with Tyla, Wilson explained why this happens.

"They choose to maintain a facade of harmony and togetherness," she said.

"All while overlooking unresolved problems in the relationship.

"The name draws inspiration from the shiny, cheerful veneer of tinsel which is used to decorate during the festive season, covering what is beneath."

When January comes, couples 'need to sit down and chat about their relationship', she said, adding that a 'break up will be pending as they wish to start the year fresh'.

Not great.

'Tinselling' is the new festive dating term doing the rounds this year.
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This comes after another warning about ‘snowglobing’ - a new dating trend that is not as adorable as it sounds.

Cosmopolitan explains: “This person spends the entire month of December with you, making you feel like you’re inside your own little wintery fairy tale, only to unceremoniously dump your ass in January.

"Yeah, that precious world of lovey feels you’ve been living in = SHATTERED.”

Couples therapist Gary Brown, PsyD, said: “One may be that they simply don’t want to be alone or they don’t want to be seen as being single during the holidays.

“Feeling embarrassed about not being in a relationship can be so painful, that people will make romantic gestures as a sort of ‘short fix’ so that they don’t have to feel the pain of loneliness.”

If you don’t want to fall victim to snowglobing, Brown says it's a good idea to try and gauge if your new significant other seems genuinely enthusiastic about spending time together and that if you get the feeling they’re simply ‘going through the motions’ then ditch them.

“If you notice beforehand that they are talking about you with their friends, family, and coworkers, then that may be a sign that they’re truly interested,” he added.

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