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Woman sparks debate after slamming 'devil' passenger for not wearing headphones on flight

Woman sparks debate after slamming 'devil' passenger for not wearing headphones on flight

One airline passenger has took to Reddit to display her rage at the 'devil' without headphones.

Plane etiquette can come in many forms - from being kind to airplane staff to only taking your seatbelt off when the sign tells you to.

Although pretty much everything else is up for debate, and one woman from the US has taken to Reddit to complain about a passenger not having the curtesy to bring headphones with them on the plane.

The 32-year-old says she was in the window seat of a full flight from Dallas to Chicago last month, joined by a '50+ lady sitting in the aisle seat' and a 'cute girl in her early 20’s' who took the middle seat.

However, her 'cuteness' seemingly wore off after takeoff.

Writing on popular Reddit feed 'AmITheA**hole', the woman explained: "She had her Chanel purse, and basic b gucci sneakers on.

"While we were taxiing for ~40 minutes before take off, I put my air pods in and start listening to an audio book and she proceeds to pull her phone out and starts watching TikTok videos on full volume.

"I was in somewhat disbelief by her lack of self-awareness, but thought okay there’s no way she’s going to do this for more than 5 minutes.

"Well 30 minutes passes by and she is still scrolling through her feed and the videos are so loud (I can hardly hear my audio book) and just ridiculous mind-numbing crap."

One woman from the US has taken to Reddit to complain about a passenger for not wearing headphones while watching videos on her phone

She got so annoyed with the passenger that she asked her to put her 'volume down or put in headphones'.

Without issuing a reply, the passenger then 'gave the nastiest look'.

"I get so offended by her reaction that I proceed to turn my brightness up on my phone and very obviously text my husband about what a devil she is and basically rip her apart and make sure my texts about her are within her line of sight," the Reddit user continued.

"I am sure she saw the texts, bc she avoided eye contact with me for the rest of the trip.

"AITA for saying something and making sure she saw my awful comments about her in response to her reaction or can someone please tell me what is going on in these people’s heads?

"Is it entitlement? Do they consider the people around them and just not care??

"Help me out here!"

And some were in agreement with the Reddit user, with one person commenting: "They’re genuinely AHs. Seriously… there are people who genuinely think I don’t give a fig.. and the others who don’t care but are also missing a few connections up there and don’t get it.

I bet she wishes she was sat next to this dude.

"Too bad for them. I’d have called the attendant for assistance and come what may."

Another added: "Basic etiquette requires headphones.

"Also, this may actually be in the contract of carriage, depending on which airline. Next time get an FA involved. They will shut that crap down in nothing flat typically because they hate it too."

Meanwhile, others thought she could have dealt with it better, writing: "Yeah, the young woman was inconsiderate and selfish, but you could have dealt with it better.

"Did you call the cabin crew to complain? Why did you wait 30 minutes to ask her to turn the volume down?"

"ESH. Her for not using headphones, but you for your passive-aggressive bs. All you needed to do was ring for the flight attendant to handle it. That’s their job," someone else said.

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