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Brothers who went on cruise that cost £35 a night share surprising reality of trip

Brothers who went on cruise that cost £35 a night share surprising reality of trip

YouTuber Lucas Cruikshank embarked on 'America's cheapest cruise' with his younger bro Jacob

A YouTuber decided to take a trip on what he calls 'America's cheapest cruise' with his brother. What could go wrong?

Lucas Cruikshank - who has over three million subscribers on the site - embarked on a tropical cruise from Miami to the Bahamas with his younger sibling Jacob.

Prices start as low as £35 ($45) per person, according to its website.

But because the avid travellers booked a two-night trip, with an ocean view, it seemingly bumped the fare up.


So the brothers ultimately payed $100 a night per person - so $400 in total.

However, what made the trip truly interesting was the one star TripAdvisor reviews for the cruise company, Margaritaville At Sea.

Lucas explained: “So, Margaritaville at Sea Paradise has pretty low reviews but we all know with one star reviews, people are dramatic.


“Like people are just perpetually in bad moods and they take it out on these review websites so I have to test if this ship actually deserves the low rating it has.”

Documenting his stay in a now-viral YouTube video, Lucas explained: “We got on the ship and I was impressed.

“Even though this ship is over three decades old, they redid it. Maybe we'll see some cracks in that later but for the most part, I was like okay.”


Although there were some negative TripAdvisor advisor reviews about the food, Lucas thought the spread was good.

Instead of going for the buffet, the YouTuber had a ham panini, some pigs in blanket and an apple.

Bit of weird combo but we move.

“Yeah, the buffet was fine. I mean, it wasn't Michelin star food... but [I got] BOGO... like why are you complaining,” he explained.


“I've been to gross buffets, this wasn't one of them. It was like a mediocre buffet.”

He also noted that the ocean view room was ‘bigger than I expected’ and the faux marble counter was more than decent.

The only real downside was the onboard bathrooms, which the YouTuber claims had stiff doors that didn’t lock properly.

Overall, Lucas concluded: “I think two days is perfect.”

Reacting to the video, one person quipped: “You need a refund. On the whole cruise. No ketchup for your pigs in the blanket?!

“I couldn’t even imagine what you must’ve been going through. So glad you survived.”

Someone else penned: “Jacob's deadpan stare at various points is the highlight of my night. thank you.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@Lucas

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