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Woman shows what scared passengers on Bermuda Triangle cruise which offers refund if ship 'disappears'

Woman shows what scared passengers on Bermuda Triangle cruise which offers refund if ship 'disappears'

Passengers on the Norwegian Prima liner were told they could get a full refund if the ship disappeared on its voyage.

The idea of heading on a cruise to the Bermuda Triangle will likely fill a lot of people with dread - especially if the company promise passengers a full refund if the ship disappears.

But despite the reservations a lot of us might have about taking a trip to one of the most mysterious places in the world, and a host of holidaymakers weren't phased by the chequered past of the region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

They were spooked by another feature of their getaway, however, which you can see below:

The Norwegian Prima liner set sail from New York in March last year, with passengers paying up to £1,450 for a cabin on the trip of a lifetime.

Travellers were offered some light-hearted reassurances before they climbed onboard, with the cruise company promising a full refund if the giant ship did disappear in the triangle where hundreds of boats and planes are said to have vanished.

Its website stated: "Don't worry about disappearing on this Bermuda Triangle tour. The tour has a 100% return rate and your money will be refunded in the rare chance you disappear."

Oh, what wonderful pre-travel reading that must have been.

Angela Macleod shared her cruise experience on TikTok.

A lot of us have become pretty immersed in the cruise world since the Royal Caribbean's 'Ultimate World Cruise’ began its nine month voyage, as a lot of people have been sharing their experiences of what it is really like onboard.

And passengers on the Norwegian Prima were no different - although, instead of worrying about how they are going to spend the best part of a year living on a ship, their number one concern was making it home in one piece.

Angela Macleod was feeling pretty tranquil about the whole thing though, despite it being her first ever cruise.

She shared a short travel diary with social media users in a TikTok video, which showed a very different side to the voyage that a lot of people weren't expecting.

It was basically a belting opportunity to party on a boat with the icing on the cake being that you would eventually arrive in Bermuda for a little adventure. What's not to love?

People were a bit concerned for those heading on the voyage to Bermuda.

In the video, she showed what people got up to while they were at sea - such as taking part in game shows such as Deal or No Deal, exploring the vessel and visiting one of the 'absolutely incredible' restaurants.

You'll be glad to know the Norwegian Prima made it from New York to Bermuda without issue and everyone, apparently, had an incredible time - with Angela's biggest takeaway being how the water was 'so blue'.

She explained she had visited the capital, Hamilton, before enjoying a catamaran cruise and snorkelling.

The holidaymaker continued: "Then after that excursion, I went over to Horse Shoe Bay beach with the pink sand, it's so pretty!"

She then shared a clip of her dancing the night away at the ship's 'nightclub party', hosted by their very own DJ, saying that the performers who put on a show 'were incredible'.

Angela gave her followers a glimpse of the Norwegian Prima's 'Oceanwalk'.

"Overall, this trip was really a ten out of ten," Angela added. "Just beautiful."

But it wasn't all plain sailing, as she revealed that there was one aspect of the Norwegian Prima that unnerved a lot of passengers.

The travel lover said: "The Prima is a beautiful ship. It's brand new and has a lot of interesting areas to hang out."

One of these interesting spots includes the outside Oceanwalk on the eighth deck - which allows people to literally walk over the ocean, with nothing but clear glass beneath them. I'd take the Bermuda Triangle over that any day.

While filming herself navigating the terrifying walkway, Angela explained: "This is something that a lot of people were very scared of and they were walking in the middle instead of the glass. But I thought it was really cute!"

Cute? Looks more heart-attack-inducing to to me!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ang.macleod

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