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Cabin crew have a secret code that you really don't want to hear while flying

Cabin crew have a secret code that you really don't want to hear while flying

You'd better hope you don't hear this

When you travel, there are certain etiquettes to be mindful of, otherwise you might be subject to some seriously annoyed crew and passengers.

Whether you recline your seat too far back, kick the chair in front of you or ask a million questions to air hostesses while they’re trying to do their jobs, there are several ways to getting into the bad books.

And with bad behaviour comes consequences.

For example, you could be slapped with the secret codeword that cabin crew use to refer to anyone who has been especially annoying.

So, if you ever overhead someone calling you a 'Philip', expect to be in for a bad time in terms of service you’ll receive.

Unless you're actually called Philip, I suppose.

Anyway, this is because that word has a special meaning for passengers who have done something wrong during the flight and therefore, do not require the usual nice service.

One air steward has gone on to reveal exactly what the codeword means and what happens when they use it.

Flight attendants have a secret code for annoying passengers.

The unnamed cabin crew remember told The Sun: “If you're labelled a 'Philip' then you've done something wrong and should probably expect to get bad service for the rest of the flight.”

But Philip isn’t just some random name for a twit, like being a Karen, it’s actually an acronym for what they want to do to the passenger in question.

They added: "That name originated from the term PILP - Passenger I'd Like to Punch - but has changed over time to become slightly more subtle.”

How do you even annoy flight crew into wishing violence?

Well, according to the flight attendant, the easiest way to frustrate the flight crew is to press the attention button a lot and for silly reasons.

If you have the urge to press the button, complain about noise or be an unpleasant passenger, don't.

Obviously if you need help with something or if there’s an urgent situation that needs handling, then pushing the button isn’t an issue.

However, if you are incessantly pushing it for the daftest of things, be prepared to receive the ‘Philip’ treatment.

Another annoying habit is to film other people, especially the crew as they’re trying to work and keep everyone safe.

This trend is why airlines such as United, American, Delta and Southwest have set up rules against taking photos or videos of the crew without their explicit permission.

Passengers who also complain about the noise are also a no-go.

So, if you have any of these habits, just know that you’re not going to like the service you receive for the entire flight.

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