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Drivers are finding out 12p everyday item will stop ice building up on your windscreen

Drivers are finding out 12p everyday item will stop ice building up on your windscreen

The cheap hack might shock you

That horrible time of year - or the most wonderful time of the year - is not too far away as many of us are starting to dust off our winter coats.

The winter cold will soon enough hit us like an RKO outta nowhere and the drive into work will be even more stressful having to deal your frosty windscreens first thing in the morning.

Many of us don't have the time in the morning to sit in an icy vehicle, waiting for it to defrost.

But what if I told you that there's an item - available for just 12p at Tesco - that can help stop ice forming on your windscreen.

You'd tell me I sound like Jay Cartwright, but my response would be to go and have a look in your kitchen for an everyday food item.

Cold weather specialists from Lotus Car Rental Iceland have said that an onion, yes an onion, can help beat the deep freeze.

You can buy an onion from as little as 12p at Tesco.

They said that drivers can use any type of onion to help break down their windscreen frost.

The way it works is that the sugar molecules from the onion breaks down the ice crystals as soon as it forms.

All you need to do is slice an onion in half and rub the core against your icy windows but make sure that residue from the vegetable doesn't hinder your visibility.

It's important to note that some de-icing hacks are believed to be more effective than others, and some are thought to be downright dangerous.

Dorry Potter, an expert at National Scrap Car, explained how there was one particular trick that isn’t such a great idea - despite the fact you’ve probably seen it all over TikTok.

Potter urged motorists to be careful when using a well-known hack that sees people fill a ziplock bag or sandwich bag with hot or boiling water, before rubbing it over the windscreen.

The hack is incredibly popular on TikTok.

Speaking to The Express, she said that this can cause ‘cracks’ in the glass, which can get worse over time.

"A hack that circulates every year is using warm water in a zip lock bag and rubbing it on the windscreen,” Potter said.

"Motorists are advised to be cautious when applying anything heated to their windscreen as the dramatic change in temperature can cause small cracks to appear in the glass which can cause the screen to shatter when another bout of frost arrives.”

Potter warned against another method, too, continuing: "Drivers should never use boiling water either. Similarly, homemade concoctions should be used with care too.

"Using items such as a potato or onion to clear frost could leave smears or a residue on the screen which in turn could reduce the driver’s visibility, making it just as dangerous as frost to drive. It may be more sensible to stick with a deicing spray instead."

Instead, Potter thinks your best bet is to use a windscreen cover, which helps protect your vehicle from frost overnight.

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