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Flight attendant reveals 'petty' trick they play on rude passengers

Flight attendant reveals 'petty' trick they play on rude passengers

They know how to get their own back on you

In today's episode of 'be nice to your flight attendant and people in general', we've got information on a trick some of them liked to play on rude passengers.

Somebody once said that 'hell is other people', so spare a thought for those who do a job where they have to interact with the general public.

Then cram them all together into a metal tube and have them heading for a destination everyone is very eager to reach.

With that in mind, you might want to remember your manners for the sanity of your fellow passengers and the people whose job it is to look after you.

That's because flight attendants have their own way of getting some revenge upon problem passengers, and of course they congregated in that great forum that is Reddit to discuss methods.

One former flight attendant revealed that they developed one 'petty' trick for the rudest of passengers, and it's a doozy.

"That one was really rude, I know how to get them." (Getty Stock Photo)
"That one was really rude, I know how to get them." (Getty Stock Photo)

They said: "I used to be a flight attendant and when someone was really rude I’d just go to the computer we had to reset the inflight tv screens and I’d keep resetting theirs sporadically so that they couldn’t watch their movie.

"Very petty of me I know."

Petty it may be, but it's also incredibly funny and quite the fitting punishment for a rude passenger to spend their flight being moderately inconvenienced by what appears to be a malfunctioning screen.

Another plus to this strategy is that it'd make the rude passengers reliant on help from the flight attendants again, which might help shape their attitude.

No screen for you, rude passenger. (Getty Stock Photo)
No screen for you, rude passenger. (Getty Stock Photo)

Of course, that's not what the gizmo is supposed to be used for but you'd have to be a bit of a scab to tell on a colleague who was getting their own back on a rude person.

Other methods in this vein were discussed, as one spoke of their flight attendant friend being 'very skilled at crop dusting'.

If you're wondering what this means, it's when a flight attendant walks past passengers they don't like and lets out their farts, leaving the rude traveller with a cloud full of pungent gas in their face.

Elsewhere in the discussion there were some other tricks used to cover, like one person who said they overheard a phone call from a flight attendant saying they were hungover and going to be late to board the plane.

Miraculously, the airline then announced that 'some pre-flight maintenance was going to delay the flight'.

Another flight attendant dropped into the chat to say that 99 times out of 100 the things you read about tricks to get a free upgrade were 'all b******s'.

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