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Martin Lewis issues ‘big annual travel warning’ that ‘isn’t going to sound nice’

Martin Lewis issues ‘big annual travel warning’ that ‘isn’t going to sound nice’

ITV's This Morning hosted Martin Lewis for some very important travel advice if booking a holiday

Very little beats the buzz of booking a holiday. And on the flip side, very little disappoints like something messing up your finely tuned plans.

And Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has now issued what he called his 'big annual travel waring' to make sure damage is limited when it comes to trips turning sour.

The financial guru, who regularly appears on his own television show, had a warning for holidaymakers yesterday (10 January) on This Morning.

There, speaking to presenters Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle, he spoke for more than a minute on the importance of following advice that he said 'won't sound nice'.

That's because, while looking forward to jetting off to sunnier climates, it's important we're prepared should the unthinkable happen.

Martin Lewis has shared a travel warning that 'won't sound nice'.
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Martin was talking about the important of travel insurance - and not just booking it, but getting it sorted straight after booking your holiday. Leaving it by even one week leaves you at risk, Martin says.

Martin said: "If I can give my big annual warning, that will save everybody and me, some hassle later in the year.

"You get your travel insurance ASAB, As Soon As You Book.

"Do not leave it a week or two, do not leave it before you go on holiday. And this isn't going to sound nice, but I need to tell you why."

Yep, for those who reckon they'll get around to booking travel insurance later, Lewis had a grim reality check.

Martin Lewis explained why you need to book travel insurance as soon as you book a holiday.

"The reason why is in the run up to summer each year, I'll be doing a phone-in here or somewhere else and I will get a question that goes something like this.

"'Hi, I've had my holiday booked, I've just found out that I've got cancer and I'm going to need chemotherapy - or another serious condition - and I'm going to need treatment.

"'I've been in touch with the airline and the hotel, or the hotel, and they say they won't give me a refund. What do I do?'

"And I say, well that's what travel insurance is for. And they say, 'Well, I haven't got around to doing it yet'. And then there's no answer.

"Half of the point of travel insurance is to cover you if anything happens before you go. Get your travel insurance as soon as you've got your holiday. If you've got an annual policy, you're probably already covered.

"But if you haven't, make sure you get your travel insurance straight away."

So be more Martin, and make booking travel insurance the final step of booking your holidays to avoid disappointment.

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