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Unlikely UK destination named one of top places for Americans to visit

Unlikely UK destination named one of top places for Americans to visit

The unassuming destination was the only UK city to make The New York Times list

When you think of the UK's best tourist destinations, your mind automatically goes to London, Edinburgh, maybe Bath.

But, only one UK city made the cut when it came to The New York Times' '52 places to go' in 2024 - and it's not exactly where you'd expect.

The US publication recently released its full list of top travel destinations for the new year.

Paris earns its spot on the list as it prepares to transform a number of well-known monuments around the city into sports and entertainment venues for the 2024 Olympic Games.

The New York Times has released its 52 top travel destinations for 2024.
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It also recommended Yamaguchi, Japan - often dubbed the 'Kyoto of the West' - as an alternative to the historic city with far less 'tourist pollution.'

Other featured destinations include the white sand beaches of Maui, Hawaii, rugged mountains of the Albanian Alps and Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni - the world's largest salt flat.

And, for those who prefer the creature comforts of a high-tech city over basking in the glory of nature, Singapore's new hotels and advanced biometric technology provide the perfect escape.

The UK's offering, however, is a little bit more unassuming.

Only one UK city made the list.
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The unlikely city to make the list is our very own Manchester, described as 'music-mad' by the US publication.

It said: "Music has long been at the core of Manchester’s gritty soul, from Joy Division and the Stone Roses to Oasis and, now, Harry Styles, who is backing Britain’s largest new music arena, Co-op Live, set to open in April."

The venue, which holds 23,500 people, is set to host everyone from Olivia Rodrigo to Take That to Barry Manilow in its opening months.

The New York Times continued: "[The new arena] will complement the reopening of concert halls like the post-punk incubator Band on the Wall and New Century, where the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Tina Turner have all graced the stage."

It also cited two huge music conferences taking place in the city this year as another reason to visit. The five-day Worldwide Music Expo and four-day Beyond the Music festival will both take place in October.

But, visitors will have to cough up a little extra cash as last year, Manchester became the first UK city to impose a tourist tax, termed the 'city visitor charge'.

Following in the footsteps of European cities such as Venice and Barcelona, the charge aims to raise millions of pounds, which will then be spent on 'improving the visitor experience'.

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