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Plane passenger furious over being served 'inedible' food and airplane being dirty

Plane passenger furious over being served 'inedible' food and airplane being dirty

This doesn't look very appetising

We never have the highest hopes of plane food, but one passenger has been left absolutely fuming after being served a meal he says was inedible.

Sharing a series of photos on the Qantas Airways thread on Reddit, the poster wrote: "All I can say with my recent experience is EW."

In the images, the posted shared two different meals - and they both look pretty shoddy.

One, which appears to be a breakfast, consists of a shrivelled up tomato, a soggy hash brown, scrambled eggs that look a lot like something else, and a huge sausage that tbh, doesn't even look cooked.

Meanwhile, another box of food was filled with what we'd guess is potatoes with some sort of sauce.

It could be a chilli, it could be a curry, who actually knows.

“The breakfast was inedible and I’m not usually fussy with food. The potatoes were ok," the poster wrote.

Meanwhile, two other photos showed the plane looking pretty grubby.

In one, napkins could be seen stuffed into the air vents - presumably to stop water dripping on passengers.

Meanwhile, another image shows a filthy airplane window shutter.

Others were horrified at the photos, with one asking: "What the hell is that box of sludge?"

While another said: "I fly regularly for work and have certainly noticed the rapid decline in qantas overall. It blows me away that they can still charge premium prices for a substandard service."

A third added: "Sorry, are you saying that those photos are from a recent Qantas flight? Because if so... What the actual F**K!?

"I can't even identify what is in those boxes - is it supposed to be food? If so, for... humans??

"I've had better looking meals at Taco Bell for $10, and they have refillable drinks!"


The poster said the breakfast was 'inedible'.

Another theorised: "Sold/outsourced catering. Let a huge of people go from engineering/maintenance without regard for experience and qualifications, more maintenance sent OS, sacked ground staff/services, outsourced cleaning services. Lack of spare parts to fix defects. This is what you get.

"The food is often dreadful, the cabins are a mess. Qantas used to have dedicated maintenance crews looking after cabin interiors and of course their own cleaning staff.

"Unfortunately the dripping from the overhead panels (air con ducting) is likely the result of condensation from extreme humidity and does happen time to time."

LADbible has reached out to Qantas for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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