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‘Rawdogging’ on flights defended by expert who says it’s actually really good for you

‘Rawdogging’ on flights defended by expert who says it’s actually really good for you

The trend could actually have health benefits

A psychologist has said that while the new 'rawdogging' flight trend 'might sound odd at first', it has some 'real psychological and health benefits'.

You may have noticed on TikTok that travellers, usually men, are bragging about 'rawdogging' long haul flights.

Writing on the social media platform, one person said: "My record is 12.5 hours raw dogged on a plane."

Another wrote: "Raw dogged one from LAX to Tokyo. Haven't been the same since, stepped off that plane a different person."

But what on Earth are they on about, and why is this trend actually good for your mental health?

'Rawdogging' is the new travel trend. (Getty Stock Images)
'Rawdogging' is the new travel trend. (Getty Stock Images)

What is 'rawdogging' on flights?

Coined as the term which sees travellers spending their long-haul flight without any form of entertainment, such as a phone, in-flight TV, music or even a book - ‘rawdogging’ is quickly becoming a competition of who can withstand the silence for as long as possible.

But is sitting there for hours without anything to keep you occupied actually good for you?

Apparently, it is.

What are the benefits of 'rawdogging' on flights?

According to Carlos Diaz, a meditation guru who leads sessions at The Ranch Malibu Hudson Valley outpost, it’s just as good as meditating.

He explained to CN Traveler that it can make you ‘more present, relaxed, and aware of what’s happening in your body and mind.’

This is because you’re spending extended time in a state of calm, which can allow you to ‘fall in love with yourself and your immediate environment’.

However, that’s only if you’re rawdogging for the right reasons, and not to just post about it online to join the droves of people taking up the trend.

He said 'it’s about your intention': "You can shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ and observe without constant action."

Because you’re in the air, and away from life stresses, you can 'reconsider how important the little things down below are, how incredible it is that you are able to fly through the air'.

No distractions can be beneficial. (Getty Stock Images)
No distractions can be beneficial. (Getty Stock Images)

Will Schneider, the host of Men Talking Mindfulness, also agrees and tells people to 'think about it like a candle wick meditation, where you watch the flame burn and burn and that’s all you do'.

What not to do when 'rawdogging' on a flight?

If you’re abstaining from all forms of distraction, what about a quick sip of water or a bite to eat?

According to nutritionist Dani O’Brien, you don’t need to go that hardcore to rawdog and that because an airplane is an ‘externally dehydrating environment’, you need water to help your brain stay mindful.

While many people opt to not eat on planes over the processed flight food, she recommends packing your own instead.

But the real benefits lie in the total absence of distraction.

Julia Zumpano, a dietician with Cleveland Clinic, said that you should stay hydrated with an ‘electrolyte water’ to ‘help moderate your stomach and blood pressure’ and that thinking about the benefits is key.

The benefits can be described as ‘amazing’.

Chartered psychologist Dannielle Haig told LADbible: “In an age of tech obsession, where we're constantly glued to our devices and rarely have a moment for self-reflection, I think this trend is amazing. It provides a unique opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with our inner thoughts.

“Regular breaks from our digital world help reduce anxiety, improve self-awareness, and even enhance sleep quality. Men might find this especially beneficial as they often don’t engage in introspective activities as frequently.

“So, while it might sound odd at first, there are real psychological and health benefits to just zoning out and being alone with your thoughts on a long flight. It’s a chance to reset, gain mental clarity, and come out of the experience feeling more refreshed and focused.”

If you're going to rawdog, do so with intention.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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