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Stunning city with £2 pints that Ryanair will fly you to for £17

Stunning city with £2 pints that Ryanair will fly you to for £17

A perfect place to fly away to for a cheap amount

Ryanair consistently offers some of the best prices to travel across Europe, with it serving as one of the main reasons it carries hundreds of millions of passengers every year.

The Irish airline predicts it'll carry 200 million people to their destinations of choice throughout 2024 - although boss Michael O'Leary has warned about one big change this summer.

During the peak summer months everyone expects to pay more, what with the summer holidays being the only time families can get away together without truanting.

But there are some absolute bargains to be had outside of this, including flights as cheap as £3 to one of the world's best rated places.

You can also head to the 'Hawaii of Europe' for £25 each way where it feels like summer all year long.

But for those who love a city escape, one city in eastern Europe might tickle your fancy.

With flights as low as £16.99 each way, you can get there for a fraction of what it costs to get to London by train. Makes you think, really.

It's stunning.
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The city also boasts pints for as low as £2 making a weekend away fun, affordable and a quick cultural deep dive before flying home.

Flights are as quick as two hours and 35 minutes meaning it is a reasonable time to get somewhere and back with a few days sandwiched in the middle.

We're talking about the Slovakian capital city of Bratislava.

Positioned right on the country's western border with Austria, either side of the River Danube, it is home to less than 500,000 people. For context, the population of Greater Manchester is more than 2.8 million.

There's more than cheap pints to Bratislava.
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Top of the list of things to visit is the Bratislava castle, which was the former seat of power in the history. It has first class views of the city and is definitely worth doing when not sampling the cheap ale.

There's also St Martin's Cathedral, which dates back to the 15th century with its spire poking out across the city skyline.

For those after something else to do, check out Eurovea Waterfront.

It combines the promenade, a shopping centre, the waterfront and the city's theatre square in an all-encompassing urban element.

Bratislava from above.
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A short drive outside of the city centre is Devin Castle, a ruin atop a nearby hill alongside the Danube and Morava rivers. It's gorgeous.

Bratislava is also a top destination for UK stag do parties due to its cheap beer, with the groups being very conspicuous walking around the city.

You can get to Bratislava from the United Kingdom via London Stansted and Manchester airports.

Check out the latest deals here. Safe travels.

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