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Ryanair offering £25 flights to ‘Hawaii of Europe’ island with year long summers and no UK time difference

Ryanair offering £25 flights to ‘Hawaii of Europe’ island with year long summers and no UK time difference

If you're looking for a break, this could be it

If you fancy an escape from the dismal British weather we’re all enduring right now, then Ryanair has got some cheap as chips flights to a stunning destination dubbed the ‘Hawaii of Europe’.

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Morocco, this island enjoys a year-long summer, with temperatures between the high teens and mid 20s pretty much whenever you choose to visit. Nice, eh?

With warm, sandy beaches, stunning azure waters and breathtaking scenery, it has been nicknamed the ‘Hawaii of Europe’.

The stunning island has warm weather year-round.
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So, with seemingly no end in sight for winter, why not treat yourself to £25 flights to the Portuguese island of Madeira?

The capital, Funchal, has all of the food and drink you can eat, and the island itself boasts some of Europe’s finest scenery.

There’s a bit of something for everyone, whether you like your holiday to be active and involve mountain trekking and hiking, or whether you just prefer lounging about and enjoying a relaxing time - and if you’re a wine fan, then you might be keen to try out the local fortified wine that bears the same name as the island and is very popular with locals and tourists alike.

What’s more, the time doesn’t even change when you get there from the UK as it shares a timezone.

And, because it’s so small, you can drive around the whole island in just a matter of hours, too.

That means there’s plenty of scope to explore. Sounds perfect, right?

Madeira is also the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo and the airport has a statue of the footballer on proud display - yep, that statue, the one that had to be changed because it was so bad.

You can bag yourself flights for £25.
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You can also check out the nearby island of Porto Santo, which boasts similarly beautiful scenery and stunning beaches. Much like its neighbour Porto Santa benefits from a warm subtropical climate with mild to warm winters and hot summers, however, as it has fewer mountains than Madeira, the island is a little drier.

If all of this has got you thinking about sun, sea and sand, then Ryanair has flights for as little as £25 from Manchester, if you’re heading out next month, while Expedia has rooms for £36 per night - meaning you won’t have to break the bank if you fancy a holiday.

Right, I’m off to dig out my passport - see you all later.

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