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Ryanair will fly you to 'the bluest beach in the world' for £15

Ryanair will fly you to 'the bluest beach in the world' for £15

It's the bluest water you can find, according to research

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Jetting off to the most stunning beach in the world for a few quid is very much a reality thanks to budget airlines.

For less than £15, sun-seekers who love nothing more than sitting on a beach in front of gorgeous blue waters can very much take advantage of the setting.

This comes after new research revealed that the bluest water in the world is found in Europe, beating the likes of the Maldives to the top spot.

Mirror Beach, also known as Pasqyra Beach.
Getty Stock Images

And in particular, it's a 'Maldives dupe' that is ruling the roost - so much so it is dubbed the 'Maldives of Europe' by many who go there.

Travel experts at CV Villas put their heads together, taking unedited photos of hundreds of beaches worldwide and using a colour tool to find which had the bluest water on the planet.

And top of the list is Pasqyra Beach in Albania - or Mirror Beach as it is also known - down the road from the idyllic village of Ksamil.

Ksamil is stunning.
Marius Roman/Getty

Two Greek beaches rank as the second and third bluest waters in the world, those being Paralia Mpouka in Peloponnese and Kassiopi in Corfu; the latter being a short boat ride away from Pasqyra.

The general area is clearly a gorgeous spot.

As for Pasqyra Beach, it lies to the north of Ksamil, which itself is full of stunning sandy white beaches, clear blue waters and sunny weather for most of the year.

The thing that Pasqyra has that Ksamil doesn't is personal space. It's just not as crowded.

There's also a rocky cliff backdrop to the sands, which gives the feel of being in a secret hidden spot away from even the tourists (despite being one yourself).

Pasqyra Beach.
Getty Stock Images

The beach is called Plazhi Pasqyra in Albania, which translates as Beach of Mirrors. This is because during the day the sunlight reflects on the sea and makes it sparkle in to the sky. It's loved by locals and tourists alike.

Getting there the easiest way is via a flight to Corfu, which is a quick ferry ride away across the Ionian Sea.

After flying to Corfu Airport, you can head for a quick boat ride to the city of Sarande which is just 25 minutes away from the general Ksamil area.

You can also get bargain deals on accommodation, with some reporting deals as cheap as £200 for six nights. This is going to fluctuate depending on the time of the year you visit, though.

Aerial view of idyllic Ksamil.
Nejc Gostincar / Getty

Another way of getting there is via flights to the Albanian capital city of Tirana. The drive to the seafront isn't short though, coming in at around four hours.

Ryanair offers flights from the UK from £14.99 to Corfu. That's from Birmingham, East Midlands, Liverpool and Manchester.

Flights can be booked via Expedia.

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images

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