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Flights to 'Maldives of Europe' just three hours away are still only £70 in summer

Flights to 'Maldives of Europe' just three hours away are still only £70 in summer

One of Europe's hidden gems is still accessible in the summer for a cut-price

January blues have got us all scrolling through holiday package sites and searching for airline ticket deals, dreaming of being on a sunny beach somewhere.

However, you could easily make this a reality, with several airlines offering some absolute bargains to must-visit locations in and around Europe.

Ryanair's January sale may be about to end, but the budget airline will still have a number of bargain prices to some of Europe's hottest destinations.

If you consider yourself a spontaneous person, this might be the chance for you to make use of this incredible offer.

Flights to a gem in mainland Europe described as the 'Maldives of Europe' cost just £20 right now.

During the peak season, flights currently sit at £70 with Ryanair.

Located just three hours from the UK, it's a wonder why it isn't one of the main holiday destination for Brits.

The 'Maldives of Europe' is just a £70 flight away in the peak summer season.
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The location is Ksamil, a village situated on the Albanian coastline boasting beautiful white sandy beaches, clear waters and amazing warm weather.

All of this for a mere fraction of the price it would cost to fly to the Maldives, it seems like a no-brainer.

Ryanair has increased its accessibility to the European seaside country, adding six more routes to the Albanian capital, Tirana.

The only downside to Ksamil is that it is a four hour car ride from the capital, but factoring in the three hour flight, it is still a lot shorter than the journey to the real Maldives.

Not bad when you put it into perspective, is it?

Ksamil ticks all the boxes of a desirable holiday destination.
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Away from all the crowds and noise, the private beaches in Ksamil offer a tranquil setting for you to doze off while enjoying the stunning views.

If the drive does put you off, fear not, as there is a quicker alternative.

You could fly into the Greek city of Corfu, which is visible from the Albanian village, where you could hop on a ferry to Sarande in Albania, which is just 25 minutes from the final destination.

Though flights are more expensive to Corfu, you may feel like the hours saved would be worth it.

But if you really don't care how you get there, the original route is dirt cheap for what you're getting, bringing you to one of Europe's best kept secrets.

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