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Spain is cracking down on British tourists with strict new rules next month

Spain is cracking down on British tourists with strict new rules next month

New rules are coming in which might impact your holiday

As summer draws closer, many Brits will be looking to book their flights to Spain for some fun in the sun.

But if you're expecting to have unbridled fun with no rules, think again.

Another city in Spain has announced a new set of rules for tourists.

Break them at your own peril - as they can cost you a pretty penny.


From April 10 onwards, San Sebastian will be limiting the max number of people in guided visits to 25.

This is in a bid to cut down on noise, nuisance and overcrowding.

Tour guides who ignore these rules will run the risk of being fined up to 1,500 euros by the council.

The city, which is just miles from the Spain-France border, is popular with tourists thanks to its cuisine and gorgeous beaches.

But with millions flocking to the city every year, the council is cracking down.

Loud speakers have also been banned from private tours.

"The measure, which will come into force on April 10, has been agreed upon with the local guide companies, which have assumed the commitment to respect said limitation," explained the city council.

Tours will also been limited to run between 8am and 11pm.

In addition to these measures, the city has banned the construction of new hotels.

This comes as many residents have complained on the strain tourism puts on the area.


With 2024 expected to be a record breaking year for Spanish tourism, other hot spots in the country are taking measures to ease the strain.

Spain isn't the only country in Europe to impose new rules onto tourists.

In Venice, Italy, day trippers are being charged 5 euro a day to visit.

Not only that, there's a cap on the number of tourists allowed in - meaning you could be turned away at the turnstile.

But perhaps no country has gone harder on their approach to tourism than the Netherlands.

Last year, the Dutch government launched its 'Stay Away' campaign to discourage drunkenness among tourists.

It advised tourists to choose another destination for their holiday if they were just looking to 'let loose'.

In Amsterdam, rules have been tightened around the use of marijuana in public.

The sale of alcohol was also subjected to restrictions, and brothels in the Red Light District were forced into curfews.

Let's just say, in many places,

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