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Spain holiday warning for UK tourists planning on going to Majorca, Malaga or Tenerife

Spain holiday warning for UK tourists planning on going to Majorca, Malaga or Tenerife

UK tourists might want to change their holiday spot this year

Are you planning on jetting away to sunny ol’ Spain this year? Well, you might have to reconsider as UK tourists are being warned off.

Whether you’re trying to book a holiday to escape the British weather, booking a stay in one of the hot spots could be a bad idea after protests across the country cause issues.

British tourists are hated by many in Spain, and it’s not just the locals who have gripes.

Spain really is the one true love of all British tourists, but Spain doesn't love us back.

If you’ve watching Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As droves of holiday makers flock to destinations such as Majorca, Malaga and Tenerife, citizens are telling them to 'f*** off' and to stop ruining the livelihoods of those who live there.

This comes after people have been asked to leave their homes or businesses to make way for tourist lets and boozy antics.

Bar owner, Dani Drunko, told Sur (a local newspaper) that he had been ordered to vacate his rented property after the owner failed to renew his rental contract.

He said: "I live in a neighbourhood of Malaga called Fuente Olletas and was told a few weeks ago the owner wouldn't be renewing my rental contract.

"And I had to leave because the property was going to be readapted for tourist lets. Every day I'm receiving photos of new stickers and people that are making it go viral. There's a lot of movement because citizens are sick of the situation."

The mayor is cracking down on aggressive alcohol sales.

Birmingham Live even reported that Magaluf is changing its approach to tourists after the mayor said: "We've taken bold steps to crack down on what can only be described as the 'aggressive' sale of alcohol.”

This means things like bar crawls, party boats and happy hours will be restricted or have to ban the sale of alcohol.

But this isn’t the first time the mayor spoke about this previously stating: "Yes, the cruises and boat trips can leave and enter Magaluf, but they are coastal trips so people can enjoy the scenery, the environment, a swim - to relax and make the most of their holiday experience.”

So, if you’re expected a red carpet down the party strip, you might be a little surprised by the frosty welcome.

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